Hardware as a medium, see lower intelligence factors of hardware’s earnings

cloud network compiled note: hunting clash on desktop computers and smartphones, by artificial intelligence and computer software application, simple hardware is hard to live alone, hardware and software supplement each other is the general trend of development. Can you imagine home door lock, alarm and constant temperature device will whisper? Intelligent technology and software will make it become a reality.

in the past 30 years, personal computers and PC supply chain has been the leading pioneer in the technology industry, personal computer and its components are applied to all areas other than personal computers – from ATM ATM to industrial control equipment has its shadow. Time is over today, personal computer, exclusive based smartphone supply chain. The chart below is made clear that, let’s take a look.

hunting cloud network editing your note: according to the chart shows, the recent PC before emerging intelligent mobile phone industry, every two years, 4 billion people buy smartphones, and every five years is only 1.6 billion people buy a personal computer. Black line on behalf of the personal computer, the red line represents the iOS and Android smartphones. The diagram shows the quarter of the two shipments, in personal computer sales steady, but slow down after a smartphone; The smartphone boom, sales rose rapidly, up to the same period in nearly four times as much as PC sales. The chart from Gartner, Apple, Google, a16z.

smartphone industry monolith was destroyed and remade all the other industrial category. On the one hand, like a fool camera, tape, clock, and the function of the music players such as obviously has been incorporated into mobile phone function. But on the other hand, smart phones also had new industry. It caused a small, cheap, low energy consumption and the rise of quite complex components without smartphones, these components are either very expensive, or simply does not exist. PC supply chain need to be at your desk to install between $500 and $1000 for several large trunk parts, and smart phones supply chain for an average of $200, even down to $30 to $40 a few small box accessories, it depends on the battery rather than heavy charging power supply to recharge. Smart phones allow you to use a small, cheap, low energy consumption of components and other new type of sensor, which can’t be on these PCS. They bred from unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to wearable hardware, household devices to the network, the Internet of things, to the smart TV, car to the network, even to the revolution of a satellite.

15 years ago when I first visit to the science and technology trade show, people still use dragged behind Compaq PCMCIA wifi card to 3 g data services demonstrate iPaqs, because in addition to Japan, the so-called cell phone still use four wire screen black and white. Mobile phone seems to be a long way to go, it was not until the 2007 iPhone let us see the trend of the development of the modern intelligent mobile phone. This is the common consumer technology development path: people have vision in technology to improve before (don’t forget to Newton or Nokia7560).

but today, the situation seems to be going backwards. You want to be connected to the lock? Give your Wang Xing people do a camera collars? Want to intelligence scale was? Or eye trackers? These electronic components are ready. What is the current challenge is the function of the product, people can use the products what to do and how to do marketing. , so to speak, the hardware and software products have overlapping, separate hardware or software can survive independently.

immediately question, of course, is the product of some specific purpose. We developed slowly in the past few decades, more and more can run in the home electrical products, these things seem silly bubble in which our forefathers of fact, the same is true of the new component fate today. Our future to develop a low-cost sensor and artificial intelligence products, each product sell a dollar or only a few cents. We a16z investment Ringly is this compelling projects – when smart phone covers hardware category, we began to make hardware outside of new products.

I think the challenge from the essences of intelligence and software and cost. If most of the hardware technology is goods, then the hardware itself is not exceptional also, unless you can think of some way to increase software, services, experiences (and design, such as Ringly) value. Ai and the software is to small and true for (domestic and foreign entrepreneurs to create something of value to distinguish the important chip. Not all devices can cause real network effect, not the hub of all equipment can be connected to the family, at least they won’t be together, to become hubs. Some devices will not be able to create value for business people, finally can only serve as a small goods.

solution for this problem is to figure out what SKU in the retail sector performance and potential sellers. It has the potential to Apple Store shelves, Home Depot, Best Buy? It is the key solution, or industrial standard platform for additional items, or your Nest or the iPhone accessories, and apple TV, perhaps? Different channels will produce different results. When we put focus on the product itself, what is it? A constant? The lock? Open the garage door tools? Swimming pool heater? With the floor lamp of software? Still attached to the motor of the software? If we can ask ourselves, so we can see the possibility of all sorts of directions. Some software companies manufacturing hardware and traditional hardware company software (lock company, for example) is doing. Some companies (such as alarm company) in the development of the hardware to software on the basis of a step, also combined with hardware and software company. Each level in the combination of hardware and software companies have done a good job, they created a brilliant performance.

this is why I think the Nest one of the most interesting is not to be a constant, but as a way of to the market. Nest found a clear and easy to communicate place, these areas can avoid the commercialization of the software, not make Nest other products sales of media, like the Trojan horse being used. Now, when you get home, your car can tell Nest to open air conditioning heating in advance. Instead, like apple HomeKit and Quirky Wink (Quirky is one of the investors of a16z) is aimed at products rich in the structure of the stunt – your phone itself is a kind of media, you can choose any desired solution.