Hangzhou startup “a little cool carpooling,” + vehicle GPS positioning platform, unified pricing mechanism, to ensure the safety of car pool

hunting cloud network reported on March 1 (word/xiao-miao li)

now, everyone began to look to travel areas of enterprise users, like drops, easy to have. small cool carpooling focused on commuter car pool service, to provide users with a carpool information platform. founder Qian Yonggen tell hunting cloud network: “small cool carpooling no join enterprise bus service plan at present, we still want to be a perfect platform, not directly provide travel services, small cool carpool all services are users to share”.

when using small cool carpool, the owner or the passenger a carpool to invite information, system according to the route information matching by passengers or owners, users receive the system sends the carpool notification can be directly grab single; payment link, little cool carpooling has its own payment platform, platform, unified carpooling, 1 yuan/km, to appropriate share car owner’s cost, the nonprofit, share economy. System based on the pricing mechanism of 1 yuan/km and end point distance automatically calculate the carpool fees, and online payment.

now drops fast taxi market have merged and car market also usher in a new stage of development, relatively carpooling market is still in the initial exploration stage, but many carpool products, do the enterprise bus pick me up, ha ha do groups, small cool carpooling team also bullish on sharing economy and travel market, decided to try to innovate in the field of carpool subdivision.

small cool in July 2014, hangzhou science and technology co., LTD. Was set up, and in the middle of December 2014 issued a little cool carpooling APP, product at present only in hangzhou area to promote the use, in hangzhou, 10000 users. Founder Qian Yonggen tell hunting cloud network because the user localization and concentration is high, so the average single rate (5% of all registered users).

said carpooling would have to say that security problems, in this regard, small cool car pool in addition to the upload id real-name certification, also add the vehicle GPS positioning, all orders can be recalled later on, carpooling both information platform to register, carpooling process can also track the trajectory of platform , make carpooling more secure. Another little cool carpooling has signed a cooperation agreement with the Pacific insurance company, ongoing technical docking, in the next step of products will launch the corresponding carpooling insurance, to provide users with more care.

small cool carpooling team mainly technology is given priority to, about 20 people. Qian Yonggen tell cloud network hunting. “our founding team is a group of entrepreneurs in veterans, I am just starting a business in 2004, founding the three-dimensional map website” e city “, and then do the coupon app “discount”, little cool is the third time a startup, other members in the team also had entrepreneurial experience.”

when it comes to product market planning, Qian Yonggen said “now we focus on how to do the user scale is big, the single rate up”.

Qian Yonggen said “carpool with matching quantity is directly related to the success, if a user is very scattered, the matching rate must be very low, want to car difficulty is very big, so we must early to push my way point depth development, allow the user to form gathered in a region, so carpooling success rate will be higher, so the small cool carpool for market promotion and in hangzhou, only 2015 will be considered at the appropriate time to expand to other cities.”

2015 small cool car pool in addition to optimize the product, can add some incentives in product operating structure of drivers and passengers reward mechanism to enhance the single rate.

small cool carpooling has won before the angel round. The team is currently in the financing.