Haier seven wisdom ecosystem and network, intelligent life strategy “cash”


on March 11, the Shanghai expo officially open. Cloud network hunting scene experience the latest products, electrical appliances industry also intimate feeling the giant spell ecology, a full range of intelligent life strategy, as well as small and medium-sized enterprise innovation, to a single point of breakthrough in embarrassment. On the same day, around the “intelligent life”, haier has released the haier u + wash protect under open platform building, water, air, food, entertainment, health, and safety of seven big wisdom ecosystem, as well as the corresponding ecological circles of multiple network product, show its intelligent life platform ecological innovation, which means that haier intelligent life strategy which landed in an all-round way.

just like dragon ball the same: haier brothers collected dragonball, raises the ultraman, use tianma meteor boxing, defeated the sailor moon, when the man on the hokage and smoothly into one piece.

wisdom ecosystem of net new

wash protect ecosystem: a new crystal washer, break through the industry’s largest tube diameter.

water ecosystem: the statue of the gas water heater, water control system have intelligence.


air bottles by day hardware and cloud services such as air conditioner, air rubik’s cube, apps and other software such as “suit” air of air to the health of the users with intelligent, systematic solution.

food ecosystem: breeze frost-free refrigerator, original dry wet storage technology. Need fresh again afraid damp tea, Chinese caterpillar fungus and so on medicine, to save by means of cooling and ventilation; Fruits and vegetables is through closed loop, to lock in moisture.

as for entertainment, security, health, three kinds of network device, it is not detail. If in hunting cloud network point of view, these three alone said product, that can’t avoid before and all kinds of life circle of intersection. Provide the corresponding service is a few minutes, because, haier set up an open position, you know.

wisdom kitchen, the bathroom in the future to do intelligent management

with the abstract nature of open platform and ecosystem said, rather than visible, tangible products. Come on, let SAO years, let’s talk about haier symbolization ecosystem his wisdom, the scene of “wisdom” kitchen and bathroom “wisdom”

kitchen products, haier launched a full range of wisdom as a version, I most like smart oven cooking “smart”, in addition to mobile phone to control, not direct download chef production program of baking, the rest, you know. Take the example of intelligent disinfection cabinet: it can be real-time monitoring tableware surface health situation, according to the amount of bacteria, viruses, automatic open sterilization function. The kitchen safety is very important also, automatic alarm when gas leakage; Forgot to turn off the fire, automatically shut down when he was boiling hot pot.

say “bathroom” wisdom, in addition to storing user personal water habit, identify the bathroom habits, linkage sitting room after the shower water dispensers, air in advance can drink warm water, and will be adjusted by the outdoor air conditioning. Hunting cloud network expo site also experienced “wisdom” bathroom at home. Simulation there is a mirror in the bathroom, in fact is referred to as the “mirror” display, when the person standing in front of a mirror, at the top of the camera start face recognition, set the bath temperature automatically. If the drain back to the smell was detected, anion purifier automatically set to work.

we can see that haier has done intelligent interconnection and intelligent detection, again through the cloud service, large data precision analysis, etc, in collaboration with health, medical and other external resources, the realization of the intelligent management, on the road.

still with kitchen and bathroom, for example, in the future: haier intelligent kitchen can be according to the weather, air quality, and the user’s health to push the right recipe, private custom healthy eating plan; Haier wisdom through bathroom at the foot of the sensor, can not only tell the height and weight, also can upload all the test information to the cloud, big data link again cooperation medical institutions, data analysis, systematically the private custom medical scheme.

home appliance high-end

life wisdom is developing rapidly, home appliance towards intelligent development at the same time, the high-end trend is increasingly obvious. “To promote industrial structure toward the high-end” is li greatly just said a few days ago? Hunting cloud network learned that last year, haier high-end home appliance brand did well for the emperor, high-end many refrigerators, high-end drum washing machine, high-end wine market share and the ice four major product lines are the first. Home ahead of the expo, for the emperor to the new product:

open air suspension without oil power era YunZhen refrigerator, I know you want to talk to me about technology, let’s talk about the experience: “YunZhen carefully is a good girl, she can sort ingredients carefully custody, zero storage temperature fluctuations, humidity, cleanliness”; Gemini cloud type washing machine to realize double points, the world first yo; YunDian hutch cable designed for Chinese families open mode kitchen, high-end grade of atmosphere is bigger than bigger: big, kitchen is provided firepower range hood suction.

for the emperor, I know you like cloud, we hunt cloud network, also have a word cloud, then called the “cloud” hunting new products? The product type to be determined. Emma, zha stomach for marriage at this.

user experience TuV certification

published seven big wisdom life circle, haier appliances have become a “net”, the electric drive into wisdom of life. You so hard, not only the haier brothers know, European authority certification body TuV rheinland group also gives approval. User experience on the same day, TuV certification opening ceremony held at the meeting also, haier has become the first and the only one in home appliance industry obtain TuV certification enterprises.

cloud network hunting specifically asked about the right of the baidu, TuV (Technischer uberwachungs Verein) in English for Technical Inspection Association (Technical Inspection Association). TuV is the German TuV product customization for components of a security authentication marks, has been widely accepted in Germany and Europe. Worldwide at present, use the TuV mark three certification bodies, Rhine (RH), north German (NORD) and she (SUD), then the problem comes, haier’s TuV certification is to who?

Shanghai house fair on those things

well, the problem is too boring, skip, skip. Finally, hunting cloud network to introduce a new club exposition on something interesting.

1. The two tiger not Yu Yishan haier, midea, haier, take the no. 1, beauty is in the no. 2, concerning the product exhibition area and the number of the slightly better. Haier set up free water station in multiple entrances and exits, considerate service and show their straight drinking water purification technology. If exhibition is all-weather, can experience the “one night as low as a kilowatt-hour, ms dong will accompany me, east of Shanghai, how no pearl at night.

2. When it comes to network television, have to say Letv and millet, the pair of enemies only Letv appear on the house of Shanghai expo. Millet, don’t give a reason first, don’t have to wait after some years out of a book “and the one I have to say those years” do it again?

3. “we don’t production hardware, we just product porter”, jingdong home expo brush presence by this way, if you like haier free milk tea, it won’t be brush presence, just to grab the headlines: “milk tea near the Shanghai expo, strong east wasn’t felling happy”.

4.360 release strategy of smart home, positioning to shift from “Internet security” to “safe” Internet companies. Are you dizzy? I am dizzy…

5. Sharp published 8 k resolution 85 inch LCD TV, at the same time also introduced a 4 k four color LCD TV, known as “beyond the 4 k” TV new products. Beyond? Super…

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