Haier push U + intelligent life APP, haier brothers so hard you know?


on March 10, haier U + U + platform for intelligent life new product life APP, wisdom ecosystem in the center of the Shanghai world expo.

cloud network hunting scene experience: open the APP, U + wisdom life can one-stop access to the smart home. Specifically, it includes dialogue, services, intelligent, found four plates, including human-computer interaction, health consultation and online services, intelligent home control, installation and maintenance across the brand electric business platform. Dialogue with “control” is very different, plate can collect the use state of home appliance and the use of user behavior, proactive, for service, even more than housekeeper are useful. This is one of the biggest contributor, Microsoft small ice.

Microsoft small ice in haier’s smart home system play a role of a brain to think and search, at present there are nearly one hundred million Microsoft small ice had information about lifestyle, it can transform the user said ChengXiang means, to understand the user, take the initiative to help the user to provide services. Through a small ice users can direct dialogue and home appliance, on the day of the deterioration of air quality, air purifier will pass U + small ice of intelligent life APP will active warning, suggest you open purification, you just answered “yes” or “good”, purifier and began to work; Users can also work in your way, through the APP’s little ice ask temperature in the home, if cold, can let the small ice for you to open the air conditioner.

the haier group presidency Liang Haishan said U + intelligent life not only include user use level, also indicates the haier products from hardware to software production process, visual customization of industrial transformation of 4.0, haier has put U + 120 million user resource platform. In the industrial environment, 4.0 U + users can direct docking haier interconnected factory, realize the personalized demand order, manufacturing systems provide the user demand information to all suppliers, finally realizes the automatic production scheduling, meet the demand of the user personalization.

in addition, haier as apple Homekit China partners, today announced that it would launch Homekit air conditioning, the air conditioning support siri voice control, will officially went on sale in April 2015.

everything connected

haier is the first domestic intelligent life open platform, haier provides Uplug, Usdk, Ugw, Uopenapi four interface to electrical appliances, mobile phone app, routers, web site. In addition to establish a unified, standard of open access, it also provides users with air, water, food, entertainment and nursing life element such as one-stop intelligent life solution. At present, the haier U + has achieve wisdom air, food, wisdom, security and so on seven big ecosystem to undertake user different life demand, provide service for the user.

first of all, the electrical appliance itself. Established companies such as gree and beauty make full use of its advantages in manufacturing and in intelligent hardware aspect, new products constantly. So as the first big domestic sea er home appliance enterprise, it has a category is the most complete electrical appliances product line.

last year, meizu use U + open platform SDK, haier development Flyme system built-in system level intelligence platform LifeKit, to complete the docking with the haier smart home and control. Subsequently, a routing based on U + open platform SDK, development of smart home control center application. U + software development kit can be directly will U + platform of various connectivity smart devices, integrated into a routing HiWiFiOS system.

mentioned above, haier with Microsoft reached a cooperation in the field of intelligent household and artificial intelligence, Microsoft small ice will formally in U + APP wisdom life. Small ice has natural human-computer interaction with the user connection will give new meaning to the is asked to identify a butler, a group of nannies, make smart home from simple command control enter the household is 2.0 times of human interaction.

before this, GE lighting wisdom, blue letter kang sphygmomanometer, XiShan air purifier, Risco security suite, Power – tech intelligent socket, Picooc body fat tester, and other manufacturers of more than one category of smart home products have access to the U + platform. Were indeed open platform across different brands, categories, slightly larger span, slightly big.


a concept need to know is: cell phone as a mobile Internet products, is a mobile application when outside. Back in home, the phone is not suitable for intelligence center of the family. Haier U + intelligent life APP, is to make the mobile phone, PAD, television, routers, hand ring, air conditioning can be crafted. Using intelligent voice recognition technology, completely ok “decentralization”. Truly a family as the center, the so-called control center, may be a TV in the living room, may be the refrigerator in the kitchen, in the study could be a router.

in health, for example, haier U + intelligent life side connected “blue letter” sphygmomanometer, side connected “spring rain” the doctor online doctor service, realize the interconnection of different companies in different industries. Users can use the “blue letter” blood pressure measure blood pressure, if blood pressure is not normal, U + intelligent life APP will contact doctors “spring rain”, for it to help users online consultation.

hunting cloud network, haier is to do some more control in 2014, the cognitive aspects of the technology platform building work. In 2015, you will need to further optimize the interconnectivity and perception.

so, hemp that don’t have to worry about because I didn’t wear long Johns and freeze to death, how collocation, spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons how wash clothes. In addition to can’t meet the needs of physiological, feel life from now on satisfactory?

big war, a platform war

finally said the giant, a platform war. Hunting cloud network private thought of The Three Kingdoms special occasion.

the story background is: potential smart home users, our country has 100 million to 2020, intelligent home appliances overall output will exceed one trillion yuan, including intelligent hardware output value of 600 billion yuan, and the derivative of the hardware of cloud services, system services, content services created enormous value of 400 billion yuan or so; By 2020, the global networking equipment will amount to 25 billion units.

the cake is ready, who first words, how to eat? $2014 in January 2014, Google bought Smart home company Nest, then apple HomeKit, samsung launched Smart Things Smart home open platform, domestic enterprises compete in Smart home market, started a new round of battle.

the meters and the “sea spirit” natural enemy, fighting and secretly, haier meizu is cool with his back leaning against a big tree (ali evergrande). Gree with 360 ambiguous, but born or a pot of rice, and showed no sign of to cook. Look at jingdong with baidu, jingdong around every edge, haier tencent each thrust a foot. Baidu blundered also just use to describe. Tencent has long wanted to connect everything from WeChat suddenly pulled from the shelves last year Microsoft small ice can be seen.

the haier brothers, haier, so hard you made? Also, before the Wolf, tiger, don’t work hard no wow. Finally, cloud network hunting or to put forward their own Suggestions. 1. In the first place must be a user experience, regardless of the user experience to say, what all is lost. 2. Overall, smart home is still not fully to the outbreak of the stage, price is on the high side will only hinder its popularity. 3. The fire for a year last year hand ring and air purifier, there is no denying that this year will continue to fire, but always not equal to collective action, operating a single critical concept could have, under the background of intelligent life.

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