“Had had” salary after certain network launched “Boss hired straight”, let the Boss and people online chat interview directly

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this stage pull hook on Internet recruitment, recruitment products provide mobile recruiting for blue-collar, olive commune power mainly for high-end talent auction. Internet recruitment products can also how to innovate, but in any case, improve the efficiency of recruitment is a top priority, but where to begin? If the two sides in app can make recruitment from the resume link, direct online chat interview, can solve the problem of efficiency?

company reviews and sharing platform to launch a certain network to provide recruitment service of mobile application “Boss hired straight,” flagship “direct hiring” recruitment model, by applying the Boss and people can chat online directly for recruiting, use chat instead of resume, resume filtering, delivery position, phone interview process, such as shortening the recruitment process, so that the interview for the situation and determine quickly understand the other side is “call”, or the offer.

its product parent certain network last year made a salary disclosure product exposure exposure. Certain network formerly run six years of enterprise review websites “intelligence network”, in May 2014 by zhao peng team, officially changed its name at the end of June, positioning for the employer review with workplace information platform, provide the company’s basic situation, the interviewer evaluation, salary information, experience, job information, all the content is provided by anonymous users and covering the whole industry, but the most active in TMT field. At the beginning of 2014, they completed by the policy source and to invest millions of dollars in a round of funding.

Boss hired in July 2014, is launched, there are 10 tens of thousands of users. user positioning, cattle for Internet industry products, technology, operation and market four positions; Boss, positioning in large companies, small Boss, big or small and medium-sized companies, the Boss. (such as CEO, vp, director, manager, etc.). Certain network manager told hunting cloud network from the current software using user data observation, HR or headhunter is less.

certain network head told hunting cloud network: “it started not to give industry positioning, is after running, found the Internet company BOSS more use of the Internet industry of people also is such. Our preliminary analysis, because of the Internet to a company management more flat, BOSS from hiring decision, decision space is bigger. And cool people in the Internet industry, also more familiar with and adapt to the process. Throughout the process, the part of the Internet company BOSS’s request, we organized a few (casc). Effects can also. But because of resource and the main business requirements, we have not mass to do such a thing.”

from the perspective of C and B, we pursue “C and B are equal,” and more attention to the experience of C on resources. In fact, it’s the same for B. Of C is much, much more people familiar with the software, B is more likely to have the harvest.

when it comes to information security problem, certain network head tell hunting cloud network only supply and demand both sides agreed to exchange contact information and contact will the cattle people show to the Boss, no other openings. Upload audit mechanism, the current is through the business card, the way of artificial validation to Boss for review.

Boss hired straight APP using the intelligent selection and matching system, based on the requirement of data analysis will be the recruiter candidate information intelligent matching, the applicant can direct contact with employers project or department head. Specific operation way is through job seekers expected position and job recruiters, match the supply and demand both sides in advance; Then according to the recommended list of sorting operation behavior change. For accurate data, interactive classmates actively, team think high contribution to the software, will give more exposure. Thus cattle people try so hard to find work and worry hiring of Boss together.

when it comes to the origin and development of products was born, certain network, said: “ Boss hired is mobile group straight friend do in my spare time, iteration and maintenance is also a small gaps, there is no specific team size. The future also does not have the independent development strategy and positioning .”

certain network head told hunting cloud network: “although it is a network of certain company review sites, recruitment is not a network platform, but our product managers and engineers for the effect of other recruitment platform, there are some of the puzzling of worry can’t find the right person. Friend, therefore, decided to do it himself a software for recruitment. Given at the time, because to make a DIY tools, don’t want to put too much resources. This will force more back to the origin we look at nature, more to think things simple. So quickly to get a conclusion, the nature of recruitment, the eldest brother who brother back, brother eldest brother ran a career. So he made a BOSS and cattle people direct docking platform .

we team friend do it himself a DIY recruiting software, to find someone to use. There is certain net social employment, 60% is to find the software. Because on the APP market, so there are a lot of people download to use gradually. Unconsciously have 10 tens of thousands of users. We didn’t spend a penny to promote. When it comes to “opportunity”, as the observation of the user. Now, we think that this product is a relatively small niche groups prefer products, is particularly worried recruitment company BOSS, and decided to find a job right now, for they are confident “cow”. Inside this startup, the Internet industry in the workplace more big bird.”

about products create fun :

Zhang Shi is Boss hired part-time PM, version 1.0 borrowed from other teams, developed in our spare time. Later, certain web APP group, with UI designers, copywriter and planer, and an ios development engineer. These are pieces of stone lying on the sofa with Boss hired 1.0 straight talk.

and then the person more, have free time, this a few classmates iteration the Boss hired straight and subsequent version 2.0.

which UI designers hiring process is also very interesting.

team in Beijing, and UI designer is wuhan. Zhang Shi interested in his data comparison, just to chat for a while, then the more talk, the more I think of step, until he decided to work from wuhan to Beijing, has bought tickets for the controller is a snapshot, responsible people believe that this is true…

the day settle is devoted to meet him at the airport, the second day go to work, his first sentence is: the Boss hired UI I to overturn to do STH. So there will be a Boss now it looks straight to hire.