Had eight years of entrepreneurial investment “dog” teach you zhi dou investors

cloud network hunting note: entrepreneurs first startup financing for the first time, there is no financing experience, how to communicate with investors? Po founder has 8 years of investment experience beauty drops from investors become entrepreneurs, and investors understand the vc, now when entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial psychological understanding, by his own experience for entrepreneurs to provide first-hand experience.

founder author Po is beautiful drop

this is absolutely true, if you have the same, is your fiction. Only for small white entrepreneurs in the early.

to start the drop before, I am a lousy investment managers. Non-mainstream VC spent in Singapore, in its life, follow Chen made irrelevant investment, also in the war on ali to big deal done without a sense of accomplishment. Watched thriving investment circle with more and more crazy, I want to don’t bring in some what how to live up to their proud charming heart, so, I from a financial prick silk shake the body into a dog.

the shaking body from Texas and experience of the board of directors of the brothers get together for yunnan cuisine. Remember the wine lead three cruise, the sister’s face is red. Forget what is investment manager, eyes open q sister at the edge of your chin is cut. The sister was the northeast people, after hearing that look as if we had to cut this dude. This question does not matter, a few chatterboxes are opened, and a sister from hyaluronic acid to botox, from pig skin mask to moonlight soap, each one’s face had just married a sexual arousal and rejoice. Girls talk touched me deeply, I think the business should be good beauty, and the Internet, can play the community, and can make O2O, near the silver again, also can contact sister all day, I want to later I own value can be realized through the sister’s face, this is how the NB’s business model. So, go back to do after two months of market research, I and the upcoming big ali said goodbye.

, the first thought is financing. VC, FA, made war, I used the entrepreneurial dog, outfit B used to do some chagrin. Ready in a week later, I hung a startup dog virtue, with a beautiful drops made $1 billion company’s story books, began to change. The following began to small white entrepreneurs to get to the point.

to choose some investors as cannon fodder

if you are not what Daniel, fund partner won’t prick you this prick silk. Let’s good relations and investment managers. Don’t dismiss the help like B investment managers, they see a project during the day, evening see the girl. They can help you, also can be bad for you. So, to improve ties with them. Under the counter to the relations between the mesa relationship also want to make, to pure friendship relations, is also get nasty wine meat. Do well the relationship is not to let him for you, but let him when don’t want to throw you straightforward to tell you, give you hope, not fool you.

I do investment will go to industry, how of industry, the most cheap the most efficient way is to put all in the name of investment in the industry of entrepreneurial firms see clean. Fool, after see clean, have capital partners, the inside is the experts in this field. Think this cannot be avoided, not lock industry how to do investment, so most startups become investment managers become cannon fodder industry experts.

however, Newton’s third law tells us that force is mutual. You can also put the investors as cannon fodder. Before financing, I want to see 10 investors into the 369, etc. Three is in front of eyes, just try. Among five is concentrated to conquer, behind two is temporarily and bounty. Tianji’s horse racing is known to everybody, is extremely important to make strategy and planning, you never know what will happen in the future, and in so doing will often have unexpected harvest.

must firmly and unreliable investors say goodbye

the exotic people, everywhere, all the investment is no exception. Investors who unreliable, don’t miss, don’t entertain wild hope, don’t sell more. Can you imagine a just over the longings for love is full of puberty young girl cheating on a shiny despising the feelings of what man is a result. So how do you distinguish by unreliable, I two examples.

the third investors trade centers in China, and I saw that day on the second floor about starbucks, familiar with the place, everywhere is the exotic memories of the old club. When my thoughts still stay in han to the several sister, before the phone rang. Investors want to wait, he will be here soon. I returned to the startup dog reality, open the PPT, adjust good state is ready to open. I’ve seen the man, but he certainly has not remember me, because I don’t think he like a man who can remember other than beauty. Sure enough, he came and three-step two-step, when I got up to meet, he stopped suddenly, like a hungry baby found milk mouth, and one person at the edge of chatting away. I head a see, hey, this is not the etheric’s sister’s son, also quite some relatively. Since they, I will wait. One minute for two minutes for three minutes, nima, I waited for 15 minutes! Jing younger sister child who doesn’t love, that also TMD points a occasion. I tsundere heart angry, determined the fund labeled the wide of the mark.

different no common goal, no common cause to cooperate, some people parted ways because values, because some chemistry together. Whether your business partners or investors, detail is enough to see that attitude. And some of the details, can’t be ignored.

roadshow after three weeks, I’ve got a few Terms. From some of the details of the terms of, you is enough to see the attitude of investors. A simple example, there is a charge should insist on when investors for a bridge loan interest, and the interest of 15%. Nima, you when my company is a cash machine, so good faith clause should also write, depend on unreliable be clear at a glance. For example, an investor for 4 million yuan, but two pen to, also look at the data, how many how many DAU. Nima, I had the DAU, why, your money directly to A wheel. So QQ chicken chicken of investors, with ink, certainly after directly into when temporarily.

don’t fall into the pit of bridge loans

as long as your angel investment more than 3 million yuan, and you tried to go to America to bell’s dream, then go to set up the VIE structure as early as possible. VIE don’t listen to other people tell you, do not worry will affect the energy. Find a solid agent, plus 100000 yuan, you can western style to the company to open doors. I finish my beauty from set up BVI to drop the whole architecture of only spent two and a half months, two and a half months! Also includes eleven long holiday. Set up good early architecture, can save A round key of time and energy, to ensure A more smooth round. VIE in Beijing, is the fastest, of course, not the kui is the capital city?

now that want to set up the VIE, cannot avoid the bridge loans to do. Here, if you didn’t play well bridge loans, there may be kick down the ladder. The situation here is a bit complicated, I have seen a startup company signed terms didn’t get the money, have picked up a few bridge loans result data not be consumed to death. As an entrepreneur, not to delay you blame VC, stood you, for you to play rascal, if you consciously control risk in the early, who also do not you. Or a few simple examples, you not worry why terms think opposite of VC is signed for more than 30 days exclusive period; You sign across the bridge loan think VC may play Yin why mortgage all domestic company shares; Do you have a bridge loan to sign the SPA why not to choke the SPA signed the VC’s neck. This process can tell you any details of quality and attitude of investors, so, pay attention to detail is very important. Your first investor as your business partner, your wife, she is loyal to give not to force you will directly affect your penis – your project a success.

but then again, it’s very important is the charm of you and your project, so that you say. If you are a beacon, you will have plenty of say, this time you as a clueless sexy stunner, have the capital to the male (V) (C) played in the palm, so as to realize benefit maximization. If you are a straw bag, ha ha, is looking for a few more schemes to investors can pick up.

let VC take you pack B take you fly

want to take you fly to VC premise is: do you want to cherish the good investors. The boundless universe, investors have a strange flower, is of investors you want to have a more recognition. This NianTouEr, in addition to want to make things by themselves, but also noble and luck, and people can bring luck, a good VC is noble of you.

what is a good VC? Let me make an ass first. My investor is not the biggest nor the most famous, but is very by spectrum. On where? Execution is soon, industry understanding is deep, the pit in the agreement is very few, after for help is very serious.

back to B with the theme of the fly. As an entrepreneur, you can make a VC with you B, but you don’t pack B before them forever, even the two investors also must be smarter than you. Their ability to see the girl play half you are already naked in front of them. So, don’t lie, don’t brag, don’t hypocrisy. You give them enough to pack B’s face, make them reflect the superiority of as an investor, let them believe what you do, and think that you have the ability to realize, that’s enough.

I’m in the process of change, for a good VC is a very cherish. Is very serious, for example, did not give us terms, although xu teacher very like beautiful drop this project, but was killed in the internal. I to have a natural affection is very serious, not just because their investment manager is a beauty, but also because in this process, we had a good suggestion. This is very rare for you tao bottom investors, to cherish, to take advantage of a lot more. So later, I let the beauty investors gave my team to share and let me take advantage of the foot.

if you have enough good luck, find a noble, they will plug in the wings for you, hold you, realize the threesome.

let VC they give you push each other

this, or we’ll see you next time.