Green lemon: integration of offline medical resource for individuals and businesses to provide value-added services to health management

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in 2013, the national per capita 1 times more than in 2010, The Times of health spending increased by 836 yuan per capita, the rich Chinese, more and more attention to health problems, and more willing to spend money to do in the field of health consumption. At the same time, China’s social trend of urbanization and aging, will inevitably produce a lot of giant industry, Internet health concept, mobile medical concept, there is no doubt that will be one of the trend, the key is to see who is more to know what users need, who is more to woo users, who can provide more satisfactory health services.

“green lemon” is for individuals and businesses to provide health management products, value-added services and home health care services for enterprise users and individual users with high quality and low price of health medical products, and can realize the purchase, reservation and check-up report query, history information management one-stop service, team tell hunting cloud network, green lemon accumulation of upstream channel resources currently has and 50 cities of the country’s nearly hundred 3 armour hospital, nursing homes and professional medical center has established the depth of cooperation, and start preparing for cross-border medical market.

most 75 s and 80 s has become a mainstay of the society, being one of the most pressure to survive, the middle class are, feeling, healthy, for himself, family, is very important, no matter which one of the family health problems, the impact is huge. As a result, the green lemon target groups aimed at this group.

similar on the market at present relatively mature product mainly has the app such as handheld stewards physical examination, physical examination, compared with them, green lemon relative upstream channels and price advantage. Team, said green lemon in the future is not just selling products and services, the greatest possible lies in a healthy management industry service resources integration of form a complete set, make product have self hematopoietic function.

green lemon founding core team members to the zhejiang university alumni, from Internet, medical, financial and other different industries. Green lemon ChuLiang co-founder and vice President told hunting cloud network: “after 80 s generation, survival pressure is very big, really can’t imagine if there was a problem in our own health, family what to do, spot demand is obvious; In addition to the current physical examination report, test report, physiological indexes such as health data has not been a good management and use, and if the history of the data together, will be combined into larger value.”

green lemon products include current app and web side, app on March 13, 2015, the installed capacity of more than 10000, total registered users to more than 1000 people, spend more than 500 people. Now green lemon have positive cash flow. From early January each product launches in succession, through the platform sales totaling more than 100000 yuan, also extends the societe generale, zhejiang university network new, bank of America’s assets, Shanghai pudong development bank and other corporate users.

green lemon is currently in, the first phase of the “green lemon” health management module is launched in April, the daily tracking, adding features have personal health information management, as well as relatives and friends health concerns, remind mobile and other functions. Current process needs to experience in the field of health information collection, analysis, evaluation, four steps solution, project execution, through continuous cycle to achieve the purpose to health agreed upon, in the future, green lemon can give a user docking chronic disease management, green, health delivery value-added services such as medical channels. “Our future product planning is to want to achieve health data, closed-loop mall, health services, hope to provide tailor-made health management services to customers.” ChuLiang convective cloud network said.

personal health management abroad cloud platform Welltok in January 37 million investment again, it is not only do health data analysis or professional health management advice, access to other service providers, but also cooperate with some community health management company, for example, has access to the recorded data of wearable MapMyFitness and FitBit and social networking, and hardware platform development. ChuLiang to hunt cloud network, said green lemon now in addition to expand the upstream resources, hardware manufacturers to contact, the possibility of communication in business cooperation, especially the data flow and transformation of the service areas together. The combination of software and hardware are bound to be the future trend of mobile Internet, healthy management field more no exception. Team in the near future are also talking with capital, financing will be used for technology and marketing.