Google why can spend the least money to enjoy the highest brand propagation force?

note: hunting cloud of Google’s success, and in the world enjoy reputation is closely related to its innovative products, but by querying data, found that the company has been in her with minimum investment in advertising and marketing the best word-of-mouth effect. Unlike most companies method, Google has been sticking to put more money into the internal brand, rather than external brand?

the following tools for cloud computing VoiceGlance public relations director Paul Petrone analysis, starting on LinkedIn, by tencent technology translation:

if you had 100000 dollars want to advertise, had better choose what kind of advertising? You may buy in local television ads, although because the DVR and the rise of Netflix has nobody really focused on television advertising. You can purchase advertising on YouTube, people may skip it for 5 seconds. You can also buy banner ads, click on the pass rate of 0.04%.

you can try pay-per-click model, but it is not only expensive, also more and more low. You can try a podcast advertising, although everyone like 30 seconds click fast forward button. You can also try newspaper, if you have a business for people over the age of 65, the effect should be great.

of course, you can invest in the human body. You can provide new benefits, bonuses, install the cereal bars in the office. In other words, don’t put money on the external brand, but to focus on the internal brand. It’s crazy? Of course. But this is what Google is doing, and it is also one of the most successful companies in the world.

in Google history, the company has been less in advertising spending. In 2006, for example, Google will only 8% of its income on sales and marketing, Microsoft and yahoo that advertising accounted for 15% and 20% of its annual income. Recently, Google advertising budget is more than $2 billion, but still less than 5% of the Google’s annual income. In 2014, Google revenue of $66 billion. But Google still in advertising spending is bigger, “alternative” advertising, of course.

Google in advertising advertising is the most expensive place to his employer. Specifically, this means that Google in its famous “human” team and the people to spend more itself. This part of the expenses include pay to some of the highest salary, give the best benefits, some people, of course, also includes the most strict and data-centric recruitment process.

“human” team also made a lot of research to improve the management structure, and vigorously promote the “20% time” and other benefits improve the ability of employees. All of which makes more people want to work in Google, it is an efficient way to screening the best talents, can create a great corporate culture.

the bottom line is that Google has in its early decision: don’t need to spend money to get a lot of customers, and should spend money to find the best employees, they know that customers will follow. This is Google becomes the key to one of the most successful companies in the world.

the daily work of the enterprise, people usually need to focus on building a product, this product will be more people like or current consumers prefer, encourage more people to buy it or current customers to buy more, then make sure that the consumers get better experience. For leaders, therefore, the most sensible thing is to spend money on consumers can improve life or can attract more consumers.

but it is a typical “penny wise, pound foolish” strategy. Leaders need to spend money to consumers, of course, but it’s equally important to be able to spend money on employees. Begin with the article example, imagine a: when the company will spend $100000 on employees rather than when the consumers, the money will give us what kind of return on investment?

morale will increase, this will encourage employees to work more actively. Positive comments about the company will be spread, the more people want to work in the company, which means that the company can choose more talent. On the investment of the employees, in fact this is a kind of “organic marketing”.

after 2015, traditional advertising seem to be losing effectiveness. Don’t to invest more money, and don’t enjoy doing the same thing to bring comfort, bold company should try a new, focus on employee, advertising strategy may bring more revenue.