Google: we will never give up Google glasses!

(/horse relief yi wen)

Google glasses really not dead! Not only that, Google also have very big ambitions on this project.

Google schmidt today in an interview with the Wall Street journal, explicitly pointed out: “Google glasses project is not an end, Tony he is actively leadership development that item, and plans to officially enter ordinary user market in the future.”

since two years ago Google glasses appeared in the form of stunning the world, it has become the eyes of the media “red”. Although Google glasses successfully unlock the doors of the wave of wearable devices, but because of excessive exposure, product is not mature, the price is too high, the problem such as privacy door fell into the abyss. In January, Google officially closed the purchase the only official channels, Google glasses and suspended the Google glasses developers program.

since then, many science and technology media “hindsight” general, concluded that “death” of Google glasses. Interestingly, schmidt speech today, seems to be firmly to the “love analysts” a loud slap.

Mr Schmidt said: “Google is willing to take risks, to the adjustment of Google glasses project, does not mean we give up the project development. For Google, the glasses project is very important and basic platform.”

prior to this, there are media reports that Google will jointly launched a new generation of Intel Google glasses, price will be more people, and it has a better design and longer battery life.

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