Google Play Edition project is dead, but the Android powder need not sad

cloud network hunting note: are you still in for Google launched Google no longer Play version of OEM flagship device and feel painful? Don’t cry, it has come to an end. The birth of a program and end must include the factor of all kinds of contingency and necessity. Let’s listen to the penetrating analysis of the cloud network editor king hunting!

last month, the last Google Google Play Edition (GPe) version of the Android’s online store, “” no longer supply information. When we be reached for verification to the Google company, Google company has not given any statement, but it’s not difficult to want to read between the lines to capture relevant information. A recent version of Google Play mobile phone in the spring of 2014. Google company plans to produce the Galaxy S5 GPe mobile phone, and the plan have been quite mature, we saw the Galaxy leaked even the S5 GPe official information pictures, but the phone is not available.

earlier last year, about six type intelligent device carrying the GPe version of the Android system, it also marks the native Android system reached its peak. These smart devices include: the Galaxy S4, HTC One M7 and M8, the first generation of Moto G, Sony Z Ultra, and LG 8.3 G Pad. But as the doomed the children struggled to squeeze through a candy house, all of those devices have disappeared. So far, these devices all disappear, this is likely to mark the GPe also come to an end.

if this is the case, then it for such has been quietly, inconspicuous GPe, is a silent, inconspicuous. End of GPe means for Android users to choose reduced, usually this should be a bad thing, but since GPe launch, Google for the change of the Android system, has asked the user to the end of GPe as an irrelevant thing.

GPe the world began in awkward silence

on May 15, 2013 in 2013, Google I/O developer conference on the first day for more than three hours on the theme of the speech, then the Google Android products management vice President Hugo barak holding a samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, is different from the past, this kind of mobile phone doesn’t use samsung smartphone TouchWiz the widespread use of the skin, but to use (almost) native version of the Android system. Debut for native Android devices, the scene of many developers with warm applause. Barak says this kind of mobile phone can be on a different hardware like “series products of Nexus” success. This gave him more applause. This phone has been unlocked (unlock bootloader) BL (applause.) and can receive Android updates (applause).

after Hugo barak said the phone price is: $649. Live on a dead silence, and then followed by nervous laughter.

perhaps not surprising that the price of this phone, because buy a unlock bootloader native Android phones really need so much money. But developers and Android fans are trained, they are looking forward to a money and beauty of inexpensive hardware. Just over a year ago the Google I/O developers conference, the Nexus 7 tablet debut, the tablet’s incredible low price, is $199. Nexus 4 phones sold for $299, but the similar performance of mobile phones on the market price is whole Nexus 4 mobile phone twice.

this is what Google Play Edition at the core of intelligent equipment. After the Nexus of Google Play Edition version of smart devices, are based on original price to sell, this means that you only need to spend half the money can be equipped with the same software and rather experience products. As a customer and product developers, this is the beat Google Play Edition version of the mobile phones and tablets. Moto G is the only a special case, the law of its price not so far. From OEM version of Google Play flagship device hardware, whether from the build quality, quality of the camera, or battery life should be better than the Nexus. But for the majority of buyers, this is not enough to let them choose one and Nexus (system) experience is similar, but the price is much higher.

in the market, customers prefer to buy full unlock bootloader smartphone, GPe phone probably already found his footing in the market, but they can only be active in the U.S. market with enough operator subsidies. In addition to the amazing price of $200, only for ordinary observer, this kind of mobile phones and the like, there is no different, but the GPe mobile phone on the way to go outside is faltering.

have more other way can let your mobile phone to realize “Google”

Google Play Edition project start is not so fierce, but it also failed to prevent Google company spent the past two years to produce a series of most irrelevant native version of the Android system electronic products.

this job is the Android from a whole software into a pile of easy to update the “widget”, when Hugo BaLaDi a hand Google Play version of the mobile phone to show on the stage, the work is just beginning, but it became from that year Google strategic landmark event.

now, you can make a substantial summary, any a latest Android mobile phones and the Nexus is very similar, but they is equipped with Google the rid_device_info_keyboard (released in June 2013) and Google

Google like Chrome, Gmail, Google Play core application can be updated through the Play store, and applies to all Android mobile phone, even if you don’t have to upgrade to the Lollipop, you can also enjoy the Material Design. Some operating systems and security updates are now using Google Play Services, Google Play Services is the only restrictions need to pick up the Android 2.3 and above version of the system. Google and even parts of the lower levels are broken down into can easily update the widget, just like before it WebView has taken on Android 5.0 update strategy.

now says “Android fragmentation problems have been resolved” may be too early, because in the core operating system level also contains many components (including Settings page and circular center). Despite a legacy of the Android system also need to take time to solve it, but it is clear that Google the ultimate goal of the long term to solve the problem of the Android system update, is the operating system is broken up into small manageable unit. So now that Google has Android can be so easy control, why do not please painfully to create a Google Play version of the Galaxy S5?

for Google Play version of the electronic products, we really miss is the Android version update speed. OEM Android device is improved in this respect the progress is very slow (at least for those flagship machine). It is hoped that the Android system of electronic products update speed is relatively fast, but the hope is on the MOTOROLA and Moto Moto X G has been realized. Only Google can completely control system in the future, of course, all the parts, so to solve this years puzzled users upgrade tortoise speed.

maybe about GPe is the story of over

sometime in the future, GPe might be making a comeback, but even so, we wouldn’t be surprised, after all, GPe has never been a great success, it also has never been true orientation, and was not treated as a completely independent brand is sold.

as far as I am concerned, I always doubt GPe mobile launch is to cater to the interests of the OEM, at the same time also to cater to the interests of developers and Android fans. Operating system is developed by Google and some applications, and can be real-time update messages sent to mobile phones, but the operating system and kernel and base for these applications require OEM hardware support, including those who apply only to the specific hardware features Google Play version of the mobile phone). Google Play version of the mobile phone system is obtained by the first time update, also ensure the OEM developers can use new Android code in a timely manner.

if GPe launch purpose is just to get the OEM faster release updated, so that, at least this also is a kind of work. From Google LABS developed an Android system update, to be transferred to the OEM manufacturer of smartphones, including many factors, and Google can control factors is limited. The end of GPe, perhaps because consumers are not interested in it, or perhaps because the OEM manufacturers don’t want to cause trouble. Or perhaps GPe has quietly reached its purpose, so Google holding the attitude, has made its own devices.

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