Google is more and more hard, both independent entity brand shop selling hardware

(/horse relief yi wen)

Google began to seriously hardware, have given priority to with “soft” (service) of Google, is becoming more and more “hard”.

about Google three messages yesterday confirms our judgment:

first, Google for the first time in London in the name of “Google” brand, opened its first real hardware the inn in inn (located at Currys PC World);

second, Google will be attached to the original Google Play’s hardware products selling page split, released the new, only for hardware;

third, Google released new this Pixel. Considering this point in time: the new MacBook has just been released, has not been updated a few years this Pixel is basically to “challenge”. About this specific configuration of Pixel can be seen below.

we once thought Google push hardware, the main purpose may be to play the part of demonstration role for other friend, Google’s value or hardware is manufactured by others, to widely carry their own software and services. Recently, however, Google has really started to become more and more hard.

an interesting phenomenon, whether it is of the apple, Microsoft gradually recovered, or the start of the amazon, they are to some extent, the pursuit of “the combination of software and hardware. Not only that, as Microsoft and amazon are also more and more valued and apple “has its own hardware brand” building.

Google Android’s success relies on “the power of the masses”, through the most widely open source, free to bribe to the vendor’s support. But open source also brought great trouble to Google. Google is more and more in the software system level tightening controls on OEM, but OEM is now slowly learn “long skill with barbarians”. No matter into is not successful, but some of the strength of the junior partner in through various ways to challenge Google Android’s authority.

today, Google seems to have to go a way similar to apple. At the very least, he for this Pixel and the Nexus, Chromecast hardware set up online stores, you can see how much he hope to sell more hardware Google has its own brand products.

when Google’s core business has already can’t satisfy on Wall Street, Google is not really want to consider, how the Android will become new profit growth point of myself? Perhaps, hardware and software combination is a road, a large-scale replication Nexus mode (cheap), will let the Google brand out of the geek circles.