Google is developing virtual reality version of the Android system

the Wall Street journal quoted sources as saying that Google is developing virtual reality version of the Android system.

according to the report, Google “dozens of engineers and other employees are working on the project. And for smartphones, tablets and wearable computing devices, the Android system, virtual reality version of the Android system will be posted for free. But so far, the Android system in intelligent watches is not very successful, smart watch sales based on this system.

Google declined to comment on the news. For Google, the project risk is very big, so far there are no any virtual reality devices realize the larger shipments. However, game makers and filmmakers in this area is very keen.

last year, Facebook for $2 billion acquisition of the Oculus virtual reality with equipment manufacturers, the Oculus has made good progress in virtual reality market. Samsung, SONY and Microsoft also issued their own virtual reality devices. In this week’s game developers conference in San Francisco (GDC), virtual reality has become a hot topic. Valve of the new virtual reality devices, as well as SONY Project Morpheus is some of the most popular products.

last month, Facebook executives from Google poached Google X Mary lockheed Martin Jepson (Mary Lou Jepson). Jepson has display technology background, she will be working for Oculus.

according to the Wall Street journal reported that virtual reality version of the Android system by Clay, Clay (Bavor) and jeremie Doig (Jeremy Doig) is responsible for. The walter had previously responsible for Google Cardboard. This is a cheap DIY tools, can realize wearing expensive equipment in function, and the user’s smartphone screens. Since released last summer, the Cardboard applications downloaded already broke through 1 million times. (d) of gold of sina science and technology