Google is developing an calculation you take pictures of food calories in the information of the app

in the near future, you can calculate the plates the calorie content of food, at least, if Google wants to do so.

Google confirmed their development team is the development of a artificial intelligence through the analysis of the images of food out of the experimental project of calorie information. . Reported that the project in Boston last week called Im2Calories depth of the Rework made its debut at the meeting.

Popular Science the experiment according to the report, “by visual analysis, in this project, through the analysis of the depth of each pixel to the results, to realize pattern recognition.” Google project members, scientists Kevin Murphy said at the meeting, although Im2Calories analysis is pixels, but clearly this technology can also be used to analyze the low pixel image, such as sets of those above.

Murphy claims algorithm will over time become more accurate, will lead to consumers focus on control calorie intake and research relevant content doctors and scholars.

“for me, obviously people need the technology, the technology will make a great contribution to society.” Murphy said, “well, maybe we’ll cut calorie intake by 20%. It doesn’t matter, we will have a week, a month or a year on average. Now we can collect a lot of information from the crowd, it is concluded that population level information.”

Google is not the first automatic calorie calculation research company. Function of the application of plate SmartPlate debut last month in Kickstarter is equipped with is used to calculate the scale of calories and sensors. Similar, San Francisco startup successfully raise to develop a “smart” cup that can measure beverage calories but Google’s way because the analysis methods of not dependent on hardware and refreshing, Google’s way will be more simple and precise automatic measurement of calories.

although Im2Calories is still an experimental project, Murphy said the company has applied for a patent for this technology, so once the algorithm is more accurate, the technology is likely to be combined with one or more Google products.


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