Goods in great demand: precise matching supply and demand information into the logistics industry, the first Internet + product logistics support freight car pool

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with the development of mobile Internet, not only makes life more and more rich entertainment products, also let Internet began to permeate the traditional industries, through these products, enjoy the Internet makes it convenient and new experience, a growing number of Internet words are gradually known by people, such as Internet +, P2P sharing economy, O2O platform, etc., related products such as change the way travel, drops quickly, clicks, such as carpooling with taxi today entrepreneurs will focus to the logistics industry.

the traditional model of logistics current situation is much less cargo, logistics information relatively closed, opaque, 95% of long-distance transportation vehicles on the market for individual vehicles, logistics information, dominated by logistics companies, the ministry of information to charge the owner information commission (40% 50%) of the total amount of freight. According to statistics, China’s logistics cost has a share of GDP is about 2-3 times that of the developed countries, does not bring high efficiency and high cost, entrepreneurs also saw the opportunity of Internet and traditional logistics industry, logistics products are online.

main taxi rob single mode; such as,,, Main city truck rob single mode; Focus oTMS TMS service direction; There are products in Robinson, the “car free carrier” mode. Recent cloud network attention to money and goods flow application: hunting. Goods in great demand, in contrast, no single mode the main taxi, also have no heavy capital, management way, but a two-way push logic based on logistics information, focus on logistics transportation, cargo information matching platform. Goods in great demand to support the car to find goods, also support for car, and support the vehicle distribution and carpooling distribution. Early from the flattening of asymmetric information to solve the problem of logistics information, to save energy and cost of capital, the future is by big data to adjust supply and demand, capacity more optimal allocation of resources, more balanced and efficient.

Pan Xianlin founder goods in great demand, is a serial entrepreneur after 80, has been founded at the end of 11 local O2O service product, is the earliest a batch of O2O entrepreneurs. Goods in great demand is Pan Xianlin second venture, the project was started in the middle of 2014, established product before team visited many domestic logistics park, communicate with truck drivers, logistics company boss, field visits to understand van users demand, user usage scenarios and trucking cycle.

Pan Xianlin tell hunting cloud network, logistics and a taxi is different, the taxi not actively looking for passengers, but the freight is a two-way flow of information, did not do grab single mode, because the freight belong to high strength, long working time, drivers driving process to concentrate, and freight cycles are usually need a few days, so in general, freight drivers will not transport scenario single orders. Goods in great demand hope to improve the present situation of the traditional logistics industry information occlusion, completes the car goods information broker, is the nature of the UGC platform products, for supply and demand, the platform does not make specific limit, when there is a reasonable and legitimate product line, can release goods in great demand platform, transaction.

when it comes to freight car pool model, Pan Xianlin calculate a bill, such as a car from hebei xianghe furniture to lanzhou, to find a 13 meters vehicle need about 10000 yuan, if from tangshan near a load is the part of the steel bottom carpooling, less about 10 square, $6000, same goods, a trip to save costs nearly 3000 yuan. Goods in great demand is currently the first support “carrying goods carpool” products, not only satisfy the goods achieve reasonable ratio of light and heavy transport demand, but also save freight on both sides by 30% – 40% of the cost of transportation (by saving on the cost of value is more than just the provincial agency charged with user value).

Pan Xianlin tell hunting cloud network, at present the goods in great demand the shipper service including logistics companies, manufacturers, merchants, individuals, and even information intermediary, etc. Platform with compatibility mode of cooperation, not who claimed that leather life, more is take the cooperation pattern. But the goods in great demand platform, if be the intermediary, must be clearly tagged, tell each other, you are the ministry of information, report or be permanently disabled.

authentication mechanism, considering the barriers and the balance of the identity authentication, use different authentication mechanisms in different periods, the users are using different products and services, using different security levels. The platform for the driver is driving permit, with information such as the licence plate certification, for the owner, mainly is the physical locations of the business information, such as appearance, phone CARDS, etc. Pricing mechanism, based on the goods in great demand of UGC platform properties, is to take the online quote information + offline both sides talks things over, the future may have to join the new trading mechanism, gradually in-depth.

the access of the goods in great demand mainly is the vehicle and carpool information matching, the team has been planning to join the service, will join, step by step in the process of operation team wants to put a single point perfectly, because to do subtraction to much difficult than addition, the Internet and desktop software products is the main difference between rapid upgrade iteration.

at present there are about 10 people, team members from baidu, 001, lanting collection of potential market, community, deloitte and other companies. Team members have the Internet experience, also be engaged in logistics industry and the financial, electricity supplier. Goods in great demand one of the team members come from the land of logistics, his family in the country has more than more opened a logistics network, in the deep for many years and are very familiar with pain points of the logistics industry, is also a Pan Xianlin friends for decades of years.

when it comes to business model, Pan Xianlin said, “information set goods in great demand is going to do first, then completes the credit mechanism, and then realize all kinds of trading patterns, because of the logistics business flow, cash flow, are behind the Internet people do traditional industry must be deep into the practice. Although our advantage is by the way of thinking of the Internet, have fast learning ability, and the strain capacity, weakness is easy to think too much, not to grounding gas, so we have to heavy products at the same time, the heavy, heavy promotion, under the combination for developing more business model. Logistics is a very long tail in the field of market, is also a long life cycle, is worth us do deep and wide for a long time. The direction of the future more is made deep TMS service on the other hand, on the one hand and the surrounding areas and docking, insurance, supply chain finance, electricity, advertising, etc.

goods in great demand in November 2014 in 3 w incubator. 14 years at the end of the year has won the angel investment. In a recent PreA financing.