Good used car? See “2,” how to solve the opaque market pain points in perfect condition

(text/Yang Sihui)

statistics from the China association of automobile circulation, 2014, domestic second-hand car trading amount is 367.565 billion yuan, a total of 6.0529 million vehicles, up 16.33% from a year earlier. Even so, compared with the developed countries, China’s second-hand car with new car volume ratio is relatively low, less than 1/10 of the us, Germany, 1/8, 1/6 of Japan and South Korea. “Internet + car” brings to the car after market more imagination space, used electricity is becoming a flashpoint of entrepreneurship.

“China automobile trading since 2012 to become the world’s first, last year about 20 million new car deal, used only about 6 million. Mature market second-hand car trading volume should be greater than new cars. For example, as a mature auto markets in the United States, about 15 million units in new car trading, used cars, 3500-3500, this difference shows that China second-hand car market as well as the larger room for growth.” 2 car founder su told hunting cloud network.

aimed at second-hand car market, “2” trading platform arises at the historic moment. For opaque second-hand cars, options available informative, difficult to choose pain points, 2 car put forward their own solutions. First of all, the integration of used resources, will provide options integrated into 2 other websites search platform, to help users solve the problem of options; Second, the professional appraiser provide testing service, to ensure that the user see cars are true and correct.

users, after 2 find favorite car vehicle can choose to make an appointment to check the car, the team according to user’s time, arrange the appraiser testing together with the users. A part of the scratches and paint to the headlights of the vehicle, air conditioner, engine, the handle is normal work to whether the vehicle collision, fire, blisters and other issues can be detected through evaluation. After the vehicle examination, appraiser will give a reasonable price for customers reference.

actually, second-hand car trading platform has a lot on the market, everyone was born in 2014, all cars, three C2C market good car second-hand car trading platform. Trading platform ACTS as a used car options collector, and act as a retail trade facilitator, and the means of on-site inspection car is adopted, the profit from trading commissions, fees, etc. And the 2 cars with different is it from the buyer, the buyer to provide objective information for reference. “We appear in the capacity of a third party, without interest relations with the seller, so we can focus on service for buyers,” said Sue.

planning for the future, Sue says, the 2 car need to do is take service for buyers, attract buyers, create word of mouth; Later, the team will open sellers release information port, 2 search affair into professional second-hand car trading platform.

at present, the 2 car provided by the inspection car service to take charge mode, the user can be registered through friends recommend five, enjoy single free services, but this is not the long term. Leaf Sue convective cloud network said: “we don’t want to front-end trading profits, to provide users with a one-stop shopping service, from the trading process such as second-hand car insurance, finance, quality backend profit more imagination, late free vehicle examination is possible.”

2 search site went live in early may, the mobile end will launch in the near future. “Considering the app update trouble, wap has been able to meet the user requirements, we will not enter the online app. Next, we will be combined with online for some promotion activities. Through the classification of information platform, search engines, WeChat, weibo advertising; Offline dealer sales promotion activity, auto show, the user in the form of recommendations and promotion.” Sue told hunting cloud network.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, 2 car founding team members are from famous top 500 global automotive companies, in addition has two professional valuers, 2 technical personnel. The team is currently preparing an angel round.