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note: hunting cloud capital excited period in 2014, invested 90 enterprises partners China and nearly a few years ago, the total investment in the case of valuation are soaring peremptory has become the domestic vc institutions of radical, among which, warp/weft will focus on what areas, what are the specific judgment? This paper represents their true voice.

the following content from partners China WeChat officer, are reducing

in China in 2014 a total of 2024 can be disclosed in the financing event happened, warp/weft in this year’s total investment project (new project investment company refinancing) for 120. Some segment, 17% of which occurred in the field of the O2O; 16% in the field of enterprise services; 13% occur in the trading platform; 10% of the investment distribution in areas related to electricity and mobile electricity, vertical community and Internet financial distribution proportion was 8%, the remaining 36% is more evenly distributed in the medical, gaming, Internet education, hardware, new content, and other fields.

in the midst of this, the investment distribution ratio is roughly: O2O 21.3% 21.3%, 12.7% trading platform, e-commerce, Internet financial, social 12% and 11%, enterprise services, and online education is 6%, the others went to the hardware, such as the new content direction. These financing include the stranger stranger, cheetahs, quick take a taxi, pocket shopping, hungry yao, looking for a steel net, Nice, installment, fold 800, earth high-quality companies such as the rabbit so several rounds of private financing – think about it, we do well this year.

now evaluation in 2014 is a golden age of investment and financing, is too early or the tail of a good day. We can only know is that, as a warm male level can provide lunch for entrepreneurs of VC, warp/weft in this year, the aunt of the amount of the dishes. They, with an average of 120 a noon to brush the dishes, is two times more than in 2013.

this is because after nearly 60 investment and investment management team colleagues to see much more than in the past few years on average. They in this year, received more than 20000 copies of a business plan, met with 6700 team, has invested nearly 90 new companies, distribution in social, O2O, hardware, Internet trading platform, intelligent financial, games and other different fields.

as our internal often said, a certain sense warp/weft is a big data company. Our 60 desperately saburo sprint every day in the first line, warp/weft has invested company, 210, the annual investment rate is 50-70 new companies, always has more than 30 companies looking for the next round of financing and capital operation. Us in the years accumulated a very more market signals, both in the depth of understanding of investment institutions preferences, changes in the industrial chain of sharp, are also included in the data support for the independent thinking of the industry, the following will be our thinking briefly share with everyone:


the hottest areas should belong to the O2O, 2014 more than $100 million in financing most occurred in this area, we layout in this field including fast driving a taxi, hungry yao, e generation, Mr E bag wash, wind, earth, rabbit, delicious not wait, rent car rental, concave and convex, car rental, pony housekeeper, etc., we think that entrepreneurs can in this field in 2015, consider the following four trends:

? Close to everyday life : in 2014, are big opportunities in the field of food and the delivery and take a taxi. But more recently, who can solve more close to the daily life of service, who will more opportunity;

? Liberation of skillful craftsman : refers to a single skillful craftsman with simple tools can independently complete the entire service process, such as salon manicure, massage, family education, home economics, express delivery, home appliance repair, etc. In 2014 with several platforms, we see this field these platform preliminarily solved the problem of the deal, but on the transaction efficiency and further dig space;

? Improved infrastructure : now is a trend in the field of O2O for optimizing service process, many companies will build some unrelated to their core business team, such as logistics. It is not economic, so we think to be able to provide “infrastructure”, and can through the scale advantage, transformed into profitable venture project, worthy of attention, such as Mr Before we throw the wind;

? High frequency playing low-frequency : take a taxi and delivery can be up to 2014, this is because they are high frequency service. Then in 2015, another trend is the high frequency of service after the traffic and orders, will gradually launch low frequency but more lucrative services; This is the existing O2O a trend of the change in 2015.

enterprise services

in addition to the O2O, warp/weft direction of new project investment in 2014, the second largest is the enterprise services, such as north, seven cows, sales easy, qingyun, circular letter, blue ocean XunTong, yong hong BI, dafen, olin technology, business experts…

? We think that the mobile Internet will bring new changes to the enterprise service : big opportunities for enterprise services from the rapid increase of China’s labor costs. And Saas model makes software, trial threshold is greatly reduced, maintenance cost is cut down to zero, the rent service mode to ensure the software vendors, it is a revolution;

? We believe that the enterprise service tuyere has only just begun to : for rooted in this piece of entrepreneurs, maintaining competitiveness is the key to whether the core team, fully understand the enterprise and the features and products by more large enterprises use the service.

trading platform

trading platform has been the focus of weft, b&q and passenger car rain, cooperated network, looking for steel mesh, plastic mesh, 36 kr, sweet pie, hotel brother, weekend where to go and so on all have maintained a good momentum of development. In 2015, we think in terms of the Internet transformation of vertical industry still has a lot of opportunities, platform type company potentiality:

? Prosperous vertical industry the Internet transformation of : transition from information to deal, this is the important opportunity of vertical industry transformation;

? Mobile era could accelerate the vertical industry trade transformation, more prone to platform type company, form unified entrance ;

? Industry output value of large, scattered industrial chain upstream and downstream, extreme asymmetric information and transaction chain length, credit bankruptcy, it is very suitable for trading platform business class company.


in 2014, another important hot spot is social mobility. Since 2010, investment in this industry for more than 10 related companies, such as devoted to devoted to beauty, nice, litchi FM, pomelo, diagram, in the home, the baby tree, camera360, hot mom help, new oxygen, more beautiful, and so on. For the whole social market, we have been based on two dimensions, one is as the core, the relationship between a content as the core. We believe:

? Rooted in the field of the entrepreneurs should be a heavy users : to do in the field of users have in-depth understanding and cognition, in care of core data, besides DAU, MAU, etc, but also concerned about engagement and active;

? Vertical social existence to the trading platform to expand opportunity : the content of the community to help users to consume decision after, can be used to buy immediately and the trading platform in the future will become the core of the vertical social product profit model. This kind of opportunity is likely to become a significant rise in 2015.


electricity field also welcomed a small eruption in 2014. This is the theme of the electricity business wave mobile social and consumer upgrade. This year, we heard a new term called “wechat business”, refers to people who in micro stores or pocket passed WeChat, weibo mobile social networking platforms such as the electricity provider of goods or services.

warp/weft pockets of investors and a micro store at the same time. mobile and social relations based chain and greatly reduce the transmission of information flow form the user to build trust and consumer decision-making difficulty . In addition, in the field of consumption upgrade, there will be new opportunity to consumer brands, such as fauvism, rip, fun to play; Hai tao also will become a hot spot, such as honey, stupid bird hai tao. We suggest that the entrepreneur in this field, efforts from social networks or building consumer community for customer acquisition and retention, do service “heavy” at the same time, enhance the overall consumption of the customer experience .

Internet financial

we are in the layout of the Internet financial including block box, installment, 91 financial, British wei billiton, radar, rich way securities, stock Qian Fang etc., in the future we will continue to increase financial products of the company’s layout. Note: in 2015

? Specific people staging large consumption potential : the credit consumption for specific populations such as white-collar, blue-collar workers, students, friends, and combined with a specific industry or category of project, such as real estate down payment, tourism in installment, buying a car in installment, virtual currency and the raise has not really started;

? Financing mode diversification : yields between the balance between the treasure and the P2P innovative products is a new hot spot, this kind of product yield in 5 ~ 10% and with liquidity, and risk is relatively low;

? A-share market into A bull market, the Internet securities startup emerge, the first is A stock information. The next may be social investment, this kind of product out “small white” user knowledge barriers, there have been a lot of good products in the United States.

these six areas for jinwei new investment projects in 2014 the hottest six areas. In addition to this, we believe that in 2015 and other fields is also worth attention. Hardware such as intelligence, is a very important year in 2015. Can become a breakthrough in this field, no longer simply determined by the product, the Internet is we’ve seen the best threshold, the community, services, and precipitation data will become a smart entrepreneurs to the blade of the victory of the hardware.

hope the above will be helpful to cultivate entrepreneurs are these areas. Our public to all the bubble is there as a beginning, today we want to stress is that again we say the foam has been valued. The best of times is also the era of the great. The money supply increase inevitably bring prices and increased demand, so we saw in the primary market, especially the early project valuation soaring; Judging from rational investment scale to more than 2015 whole VC industry in 2014 is relatively difficult.

but we want to stress is more steady growth of money supply falling or stable overall environment, is only for each individual business case, good companies will still by the rush of capital – it is these attracted a good company three times in 2013, the total financing, also let Beijing in attracting venture capital, after the bay area of the world’s second largest investment and financing.