Gen dream guest: entrepreneurship resource aggregation community App, the team needs one stop solution

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“difficult to dig gold, it is better to sell the bottle of water.” In fact, around service platform already exist a lot of entrepreneurs, such as new media reports focus on entrepreneurship, financing the raised platform, incubator, etc., start-up team also good attention and investment, but to many for people who want to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial passion for more often and inexperience, who’s going to pay for their services and counseling? Who will escort for them? This becomes an important hot topic.

a few days ago, one is called “the dream” as the entrepreneurial learning counselling App to the front desk. Unlike PC entrepreneurs service platform, a dream guest choice from the mobile end, focus on promoting entrepreneurship, dreams, resources integration and value in the field of investment multiplier, to help more entrepreneurs, mobile terminal, and offline activities, through the network system to study entrepreneurship, obtain mentoring, structures, entrepreneurial team, entrepreneurial projects, discuss the investment institutions, eventually led to business cooperation.

it is understood that a dream guest, founder and CEO yun-bo Chen, 11 years continued to entrepreneurs, good at visual design and strategy planning; Long-term commitment to electronic commerce, mobile Internet marketing actual combat research; Successively served as zongshen motorcycle group, China unicom group, jianlibao group company executives. Yun-bo Chen convective cloud network, “a lot of incubator and investment institutions only at the beginning of investment has effective project team; And more entrepreneurial passion after 90 is very high, but lack of experience, don’t know how to make the first move. Team thought should help build a tutoring platform of young entrepreneurs, “the dream” came into being.”

a dream guest focus on entrepreneurial learning communication, core is through a system of original content helps entrepreneurs deeply step by step a business. In a dream guest users can act as entrepreneurs and investors of the dual role, through the App “project” function, the user can according to the industry, urban, progress and financing needs of filtered and dream in the project. So there are two purposes: if you are a () want to join venture company founders, so it can be found here you want to join the team. Here if you are an investor, you can filter to the valuable investment projects.

under the function pages, the user can also add a startup project, adding the project process is very simple do not need to upload a business plan, as long as fill in the name of the project, introduction, add team members to upload one or two diagram (optional) can build project.

in the “contacts” plate, and the dream guest can search platform of entrepreneurial talent, investment institutions, consultants, tutor and entrepreneurial organization, each category has multiple latitude can be filtered. Such as entrepreneurial talent can be filtered according to the city, the job category and work experience. And investment institutions are more subdivision, can according to the city, the investment subject, investment, investment, and investment stage looking for suitable for their own.

in addition, a dream guest authorized WeChat and QQ login directly, will be a dream guest other communication function of the plates. Entrepreneurs need not be exchanged and other contact information can be completed in a dream in the guest communication directly.

the whole, is different from the single function of the media, the raised platform, incubator, etc., the dream is the guest go “instead of” development path. For entrepreneurs, one-time log in a dream, you can meet the demand of recruitment, financing and promoting triple; Secondly, a dream guest supported by original content, such as a variety of lecture courseware, entrepreneurship in all sorts of all sorts of experience, employment experience and cases to share information and a variety of activities and so on. Cloud network think hunting, and the dream through accurate positioning marketing and mobile development technology for entrepreneurs, investors provide search matching, communication, and simplify the online service process, save the communication distance and time cost, so as to establish and apply the business ecosystem.

at the moment, a dream guest registration user growth rate is 20%, 28.5% of active users per week. Yun-bo Chen convective cloud network, according to the “based on a dream guest function of comprehensive, in the later business model on the exploration of the expandability, at present, product tool attribute of the strong, is given priority to with human-computer interaction, everyone is interactive function of the closed-loop development team is to strengthen and improve the dream of tools, media attribute and social attribute.”

as society gradually become fragmented time and social resources, the current mobile Internet business services or a piece of blue ocean, and the emergence of “the dream” for the entrepreneurs and investors to provide a better choice. But there is no denying the fact that a dream guest will also meet the standardization service, marketing, resources, and a series of radiation scope needs to be perfect.

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