Gen customer success: now the guest culture repulsive

hunting cloud network note: today, with rapid development of social technology, culture, technology culture began to prefer only promoting creativity, and ignore the knowledge, to judge right and wrong, with all the people of the positive role. This looks a likely in this article the author is a progress of history or backward? Follow in the footsteps of we explore together!


when technology culture only praise highly creative, it faces to ignore the knowledge, to judge right and wrong, the risk of heart and all the people.

I will ascertain yourself what created the once in a while, because there is always some ideas, or meeting may ask I created what kind of problems, such as, so to explain my own label.

I often so uncomfortable, because any all tend to show a person’s identity, rather than show your identity attribute the a small part of the culture and discomfort (the word is such a guest, it is not means people made a thing). But I still have some deeper thinking.

a guest is born in order to make things about identity, this is the concept of technology has been popular culture. The public cognition is widely accepted: those who make things better than the average man, want a few different (good).

there are some of the more important thing, however, that is rooted in those who make the things and the people who don’t make the social history.

in through the museum, who visited the city after you will find that the social significance and value by us as outstanding history of handicrafts, is on the basis of imitation made by people or people will just playthings. Just behind each have an invisible labor base – basic care. Many aspects of care more in women. When I was a teenager, I happened to read Ayn Rand said the repeat of the day to day work is not much, only work hard to create something new is worth a words of stroke. Was my first reaction was I can escape the pain of every mother wants me to fold the quilt the (but I have to admit that this may be wishful thinking I misunderstood, at that time I was very young, mom’s strict supervision, I don’t let me read Rand, housework I didn’t can let I re-read the Rand plans to grow into a tree.). Manufacturing culture is in essence is superior to its first made “no”, repair, analysis, especially concern, this is more pronounced in the technology culture. Who and what made this sort of thing was recorded in the history of gender, especially those who not only benefit the home people’s blessings and the invention of the people all over the world.

create not only is the activity of the rebels, also is not just some swim soldiers scattered will cross the rubicon. But a slowly changing from the whole to the individual (it is supported, rational, at the same time, through a number of different groups to promote some different things.) It is mostly through some slightly different ways to show a familiar values: rather than making things, handicraft is the most important.

of course, this kind of idea is wrong. About manufacturing we have some questions worth thinking about (although we do not know in the world today is in need of more stuff to satisfy it). Problem is when mention about making choices, often eventually evolved into our best and do nothing, because usually made just for the sake of others. All from the baristas to the Facebook social networking site operations of moderator, from social workers to the surgeon, we can deeply believe that. Whether a person really done normally describe a person as a guest, this is a gender and capitalist interests to produce goods.

silicon valley in the United States, the more obvious differences: Facebook veteran employees Kate Losse once pointed out that Facebook’s farmers have a good salary, the very high prestige and stock option. Engaged in the social networking site management staff is the foundation of many technology companies to succeed, never take in the company. Coding has embodied “manufacturing industry” it is not surprising, think about you on a computer screen to see “hello, world”, “hello, world” of joy. This is almost the earliest to “manufacture”, and even if fail the cost will be very low. Coding can be called “manufacturing”, because it solves how to package the data as a separate unit and then sell sell problem, and it is widely accepted.

of course, you can also think encoding is a special case of the induced era, it requires a set of computer equipment. This is somewhat like John Searle proposed “room” in Chinese. (note: cloud network editor king hunting Chinese room is John hill, puts forward an ideal experiment, so as to rebut the arguments made by the strong artificial intelligence. According to the strong ai’s point of view, as long as the computer have the appropriate procedures, in theory, can say the computer has its cognitive state and can be like a man to understand activities.) It to a deeper, more abundant more complex and more difficult but less renewable shape to show to the public. It changed people’s cognitive ability and behavior. We usually call the “education”, in most cases it is composed of the salary is low, not by the social value of ordinary women.

when developing new products, we have heard that some are widely thought to be more scientific and technological inventions of product that is worth to buy, they a sounds exciting. On the contrary, when the policy and the public about the word “care”, we will immediately thought of education, health care, but rarely think of invest more to do better, but we will do my brains to think of way to reduce costs.

I am not a guest, in the value system framework system is a guest can make handicrafts and can push they sold to the people, and I don’t have so much ability. As a teacher, my job is just a day after day year after year doing some plain simple living. Because all the change and influence on real significance is just as teachers and students, and for me they design the learning experience of transition between the conversion. Because I used the phrase “design learning experience”, so people met notice I am a “guest”, I think it completely misunderstood my want to guide them to learn the education purpose. Matter what I do will into a “manufacturing” is misunderstanding for the results the courses and seminars and editorial method. Or worse, if you say me to “make” the others, then you have weakened their role, to create the feeling that is like their study is done for me.

in a recent newsletter, the content of the United States code director Dan Hon (get) pointed out that “but even if there is a chance for a guest (mostly due to comply with the doctrine of the” excited “creating something), even if now include some invisible things, creating something like code. There are still some like lazy people who don’t happy to spread the stigma. This is nonsense, because I often do some thing.” I can understand his reaction, but I am not ready to ask someone to change what they do, they can then calls himself a “guest”. On the contrary, I will also behind the stigma and contains culture and values as nonsense, encourage the creation is the top priority.

an American feminist Gloria Steinem has a famous saying: “we are now more and more the girl when the boy keep the trend of… But can never be coily used to keep the boy like a girl.” Now a guest culture’s goal is to let everyone has the right to make, and non-traditional male-dominated manufacturing, which initially focus direction is very good. But its success means through continuous infusion is only valuable ideas, making things more down the traditional women, women more, work with “social care”) of the significance of humanistic care. Of course, I hope that we can know clearly education workers, is to analyze the things and the way they portray a group of people and critical things. Some people do some things to yourself and others do some meaningful things, all in all, there are those who give love, this is not a plain code marks a price.

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