From yi letter “true challenge” activities, the north and the south users social habits differences

recently, initiated by an MSC “true challenge”, and will enter a iPhone6 and meizu phone lottery distribution phase. The activity from online to finish, in less than a month’s time, attracted more than 1.6 million users to participate in, cumulative call time more than 900000 minutes. In addition, easy to believe the truth challenge $microblogging topic page views, be easy to believe one of the classic case of a successful online activities.

MSC, easecredit official users to participate in the challenge for the data statistics, the data showed that 65% of users to participate in from the north, in a social thing, the people of the north more bold than southerners are more active. In the challenge the success of the user, 56% for men, compared with Chinese women in social more restrained. In addition we fear most to users who call survey found that although times have changed, 76% of users had still not the previous level.

users involved more than 160, five thousand pass customs clearance rate is less than four over one thousand

easy to believe the truth challenge activity mechanism is randomly selected participants the Numbers in the phone directory, participants want to specify phone and complete certain duration is as a challenge success, actually they rhyme looks so simple to operate activities. The problem is in the address book. Most people in my address book contains what kinds of social relations, some friends close but don’t often contact already, some lovers had close and becomes a passing clouds, some colleagues contact each other is limited to work… These are no doubt increased the activity of recessive difficulty. , according to data to believe in 1.6 million people participate in the challenge, the second 95% of people cannot pass through, and the number of people would be able to sense did only four over one thousand of the total.

northerners love to chat and bold Shandong people talk the most really

according to easecredit, according to the true challenge of more than 160, ten thousand people, 65% of people from the north, the south accounted for 35%. In social activities, whether online or offline, northerners are more active, the new things of interest is higher. Moreover easecredit data also showed that people in northeast China social active user accounts for the proportion of higher, this group of people is the basic performance of kind, to be honest, the elder brothers, the success rate is higher in easecredit true challenge. As compared with jiangsu and zhejiang person eloquence good, slow to speak more, on the social than the northeast people more inside collect.

and easy letter another set of data show that in a social honesty, shandong people far ahead. Yi letter true challenge in every closed rules on the duration, for the user, it is not enough to call, but also trying to chat with time, this can be hard to broken it shandong people. According to easecredit, according to data in the call but did not complete communication users, the largest proportion of shandong people.

men talking about efficiency Women chat often timeout

according to easecredit, according to data in all challenge the success of the user, male 56%, female 44%. Although science has proved the female’s language ability strong than men, but men tend to show more active on social networking, smooth, natural and social relations are better than women. But in the chat of time, women showed obvious advantages. The easy letter true challenge for dial telephone need to achieve a certain duration, but also provides for the longest time, easecredit, according to 87% of women in the challenge easier to timeout, while 63% of men can be finished within the prescribed time. This may be because men chat more efficient, and that women talk more malleable and played.

more than 7 into most afraid of the call object is the former user

easy letter in addition to the real challenge involved in user data summary, also on twitter launched a “who you are afraid to call” the subject of investigation, according to the survey results show that the former, happened misunderstanding of friends and my father-in-law is ahead in the many options, become the most fear the call object of the challengers. With 76% of those who choose to call former fear, 72% of people are afraid to call the friends who have happened misunderstanding, 64% of people are afraid to call my father-in-law. So in sampling survey also showed that although the relationships have changed, but most people still had not the previous level. If carelessly in the challenge in the embarrassing number, most of us have had to give up the challenge.

according to the relevant person in charge of easecredit, though the event has ended, but we provide users with free special line service will continue. The event’s purpose is to let the user in the game to experience the special line function, let the users really feel don’t consume flow doesn’t generate additional costs of implementation and operation process of telephone number. At present, the new user registration easy letter first month can get free duration of 260 minutes, then we will have every month give users a certain amount of free talk time and other welfare, free communication in order to meet user needs.