From spell market to spell content, see the “attraction” how to cut into the mobile appeal electricity?

(text/Wang Saiying)

when sex is no longer the people talk about the color taboo, if you can master a certain sexual knowledge, have their own right sex toys, can become a breakthrough point to improve the quality of sexual life. In recent years, with the user demand for sex toys appeared, and the resulting vertical market development, sex toys detonated in the field of Internet startup boom. There have been some sex toys based on the market at present of mobile electronic business, including hunting cloud network “attraction” is one of attention recently.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, attraction team on October 8, 2014 formally established and start the project, at present there are 11 people, full-time staff team, founder and CEO Mr Dream once successively in treasure, tencent’s business gather beauty is superior is responsible for moving the products, its partners is a former GM tencent’s business treasure interest division. It can be said that the team is in the aspect of sex toys and mobile electricity have rich experience of the staff, it also provides the attraction of operating advantages.

traditional offline generally set up in residential areas surrounding sex toy shop, although relatively high concentration, but users are limited to the nearby residents; And POP sex toy online platform of product information and only stop in simple images is introduced and exaggerated print ads, not stand in the user’s point of view to help users really selected the suitable, like sex toys.

dream said in an interview with hunting cloud network, the core concept of attraction is to weaken the traditional shopping mode about the picture of the product introduction, because the majority of users, in fact, the concept of sex toys are fuzzy, many people still stays on the concept of sex toys in condoms and jump egg cognition on the two products, so the user to the concept of sex toys and understanding of its products is not deep, this makes the team found the breakthrough point, want to do a to meet user requirements, to development as the main content via the appeal of the electricity business.

then little shyness is how to do the users, content based on user requirements do? First is assessment experience, little shyness APP innovation to create a reality test plate, dream expressed, whether do electricity or traditional, must pay attention to user experience, especially if sex toys; Second, give priority to with universal knowledge of educational sharing, has done it standing on the ground of operations on the user demand perspective, thus to increase user stickiness, make the product a high frequency of the App; Finally, participation is the core of the little shyness catch user, products at the core of functional areas is BBS interface, users can be based on BBS speak out some “shy” topic, so that the product has a hot interactive atmosphere, even if the user does not have to purchase demand will also open the browse, participate in the discussion topics, bring products operating subject advantages, at the same time, products promotion content can be more effectively enhanced suggestibility.

attraction App without improving, officially launched less than two months, users has reached 200000, every order can be stable in more than 100 single, gross profit margin reached fifty percent. Dream convective cloud network interview said, in fact, sex toys profit space is very large, and the little shyness can also to do a higher profit margins, but for the user viscosity and price consideration these two factors, fifty percent of the gross profit margin is the attraction of the bottom line.

financing, dream, said little shyness has won millions of angels by jiuhe vc investment, and is currently being prepared for A round of funding.

cloud network hunting for attraction this App based on talent evaluation and strong topic of sex toys model vertical electric is bullish, but at the same time, the interaction between subject, need to constantly high quality operations to ensure that the subject activity, talent evaluation also needs constant innovation to promote the user’s interest degree, therefore, the significance of continuing operations is very important for the team. Whether can keep interesting, subject content, a steady stream of updates are hunting cloud network think this team always will face pressure. And areas with more competitive, although each App intently direction is different, but everyone is operating direction of the basic topic points against the temperament to attract users, how can the product price, brand, upstream and downstream channel set up barriers to their own advantage, is also a little shyness team need to constantly explore the topic.