Four foreign bosses at eight Suggestions to entrepreneurs

cloud network hunting note: bosses are guy grow up since childhood, founder of the virgin group Richard Branson, amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, tesla CEO Elon Musk and Google CEO Larry Page. What are they all business secret?

source: fast carp

until recently, the big challenge is just minority rights. Historically, challenge means huge spending, as well as decades of bet. High quality talent team, on the basis of requirements in the job training, with the progress of technology continuously. But with the rise of crowdsourcing tools, the game has changed.

technology can make the company in an unprecedented way, small groups can also be a big impact, a group of passionate innovators can change the lives of billions of people in an instant.

there are four entrepreneurs use technology to make billions of dollars in the company, to change the world, they are the founder of the virgin group Richard Branson, amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, tesla CEO Elon Musk and Google CEO Larry Page.

according to interviews with these people and others, we can extract their successful eight strategies.

1. Risk taking, but to reduce the risk of

Richard Branson has done everything is fraught with risk. His virgin group ecological system as a competitive, he will let some companies alive, some dead, and always keep trying.

he will quickly iteration, quickly to suspend the failure. Despite Branson established piles of company, but he will also get rid of some companies don’t work for him. Branson understand that risk reduction is very important.

“entrepreneurs look for risk tolerance is very high, but for me the most important thing, to avoid unfavorable conditions. I think this should be the most entrepreneurs should understand.”

enter the airline industry, it was a bold move to Branson, but when the company allowed him to return the plane after 12 months. Branson said that this means: “I try to put one foot in the water depth, understanding whether people like airlines, even if the results are not satisfied, I also not everything fault.”

at the same time, he also can have the courage to face other colleagues, because no matter how to can make sure that they have to work. “Avoid unfavorable situation is critical, bold measures, but there are still way out to ensure that when something goes wrong.”

2. Fast iterative trial and error until the right

Jeff Bezos was busy, he doesn’t like enhancements and mild. He likes to do some big change, to meet customer demand and the idea for a long time.

as amazon’s CEO, he knew that the only way to success is experimented. He knows this method sometimes could do a lot of mistakes, but he argued that “failure is an integral part of the invention, can’t choose.”

the staff of his company agrees early failure and iteration, until the successful practice of this method.

“if this method is effective, the scale of our failure will be small. Most of the experiments have start small. If what we do is the user really need, we will do our best, and successful harvest is also very handsome.”

3. With passion and goal-driven

for Elon Musk, nothing is more important than passion and goal, in addition to tesla, there is Space Exploration Technologies and SolarCity the two companies.

“I enter the rockets, cars and solar energy field, not because they are a huge opportunity. I just think, to make a change, we must do something about it. I want to affect society, I want to create something better than ever.”

4. Long term thinking

Google X is in charge of Astro Teller had said such a thing, he had thought himself built a time machine, take it to the CEO Larry Page’s office and plugged in to show how it works. But Page just asked 1, why want to plug, rather than have an own power supply?

it shows that the Page will be concerned about those 10 times more important, which also can bring the effect of 10 times. For him, Google’s goal has always been a long-term, but also to the user as the center.

he said, “we’ll be concerned about the long-term goal, when we first saw YouTube, someone says’ you spent $1.4 billion to buy it, but can’t make money from that. You are completely crazy. ‘we are crazy, but there is no irrational.” The outcome, look at YouTube annual earnings.

“our idea is that people often use is very important to them, but in the long term, we also can make money.”

5. User-centered

Branson’s business strategy is a kind of experimental user center doctrine, namely if he thinks that a service is good for the user, will try. It is also a virgin will provide free TV on the plane, massage, and comedy services, there are even transparent at the bottom of the cause of the plane.

“unless you user-centered, you can create some amazing things, but not for long. We will pay close attention to every detail, operating airlines is like running a high-end restaurant. Initially we only have a plane, but because we care for our customers, they are willing to take our flight.”

6. Consider the probability event, expanding horizons

considering probability (such as A business is only A sixty percent chance of success) rather than A deterministic (if A and B, it can achieve C), is not just to prevent simplification, this way of thinking and make enterprises avoid lazy.

Musk is often to probability thinking to broaden their horizons.

“the results are often uncertain, they are probabilistic. For crazy is generally defined to repeat a thing and expect a different result, but only in the case of a highly sure is such. If we were in a probabilistic case (for the most part), then do the same thing, is likely to get different results.”

7. To be a rational optimist

Page Google developers conference in 2013, said a famous saying: “a negative attitude can not lead to progress. I am very optimistic, I believe that no matter to face any challenge, we can through mutual efforts and better technology solution.”

Page believes that his company’s aim is to “make the world a better place, and the world needs more people working on it. “The world has enough resources to provide good quality of life for everyone, we need better and faster action organization.”

8. Relying on the basic fact

Musk urged entrepreneurs seek criticism from friends is directly. This is not an easy thing, but negative feedback is very important also, it helps entrepreneurs realize that doing something wrong, and to adjust.

“people usually don’t do this, they adjust quickly enough, can’t adapt to the reality. People do one thing, because others are doing, or found a kind of trend. That’s true, but sometimes will push you off a cliff.”

as a result, often consider some basic facts, will prevent you made some mistake.