Founder WeChat friends send voice burst: teach you how to do

micro letter in addition to share text, video, circle of friends can also share the voice, the function of the launch quick wins the favor of users: in hunting cloud network editing your circle of friends, users share the voice. Sharing voice, got a red.

many users believe that the “stunning” function is developed by WeChat official, on the contrary, the first domestic development circle of friends to share not WeChat voice function team, but from a entrepreneurial team – hangzhou which is fun.

cloud network editor which fun, founder of zheng jun and hunting skies in places such as Beijing and hangzhou have deep talk many times. Zheng zhao4 is a very pragmatic entrepreneurs, graduated from zhejiang university civil department, who used to work in organ, resigned after founded “m fat travel community”, three years to be the country’s highest, in order to research community, read a zhejiang university sociology graduate student in the process of entrepreneurship. M fat after travel community transformation “m fat island swims” tourism electric company, is the larger island tourism website. In the process of doing m fat net, friends often ask “good holiday, where to go”, and its disturbance, September 14 years developed a “fun” APP, concentrate on to help users solve “I don’t know where to good” pain points.

micro letter after sending voice blasting red circle of friends, many in the industry, including entrepreneurial teams, vc, think through cloud network editing your contact zheng skies, hunting after communication with zheng skies, his sole sent an article wrote to his hunting cloud network, share his valuable experience in detail.

the following are the zheng under exclusive authorized cloud network content (without authorization, shall not be reproduced)

server dries up, traffic emergency… 16:00 online at the same time 200:00 online at the same time, 3000, 20:00 online at the same time, 1:30000 00 70000 online at the same time… Within 10 hours, traffic growth of more than 300 times, and continues to surge, great river north and south of the friends are saying we brush screen, Mr Wang and other bosses are in play… All this, is our “fun” APP in the “circle of friends send voice” function of fire overnight time record in the circle of friends. Dare not exclusive, and to share our thinking, pure dry!

1, correct judgment the situation. In fact, everyone wants to do, the public, we have long been aware that there is no future for public, h5 is the future. So before the “hair voice” circle of friends, we have actually done several similar projects: looking for the other half, find friends approved travel plan, unlock ten planets… And so on, are spread in the circle of friends, there are several effect is very good also.

2, there aren’t any big V two-way attention determines the circle of friends. No big V means decentralized, personalization, and equality. So let’s fire up in the circle of friends, and the content must be close to the individual, and the audience are on the same level. This is why the popular microblogging is a hot spot in the current politics, popular circle of friends is chicken soup.

3, two-way attention made no big circle, circle of friends are relatively independent small groups. Want to be in a number of small groups get spread at the same time, the content must be beyond the group and the attributes of the subculture, more basic, fundamental, more in line with the “common” of human nature.

4, every social dividend can fire a batch of site/APP. Such as QQ space age beauty said, mushroom street; The era of weibo day honeycomb; Micro letter age face sprout, Anne. But you can clearly see each wave get dividends, and access to the people is not the same. Very few website/APP can in different social platform continues to get bonus. Spreading law of nature or because each social platform, this is a very interesting question, worth ponder.

5, social should be each service standard. Because of the era of mobile Internet is social history of the lowest cost, so whether social loop within the APP, or using the circle of friends outside the closed loop, social should be the standard of each service. How good social point, how to let the user multiplier effect, how to make their services more in line with the spread of social platform features, should be a compulsory course for each product manager.

6, recommend you to look at two books, Max weber’s “the protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism and durkheim’s theory of” suicide “. These two are sociology primer, you don’t go to see the book tells us, but to study masters, do the research conclusion. Learned this method, the big research society, little research community, all adverse, 🙂