Founded after 90 Cui Dabao jujube jujube to aunt brand, is willing to do “sunshine boy” cloud service millions

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as thinking the rise of the Internet and mature and hot mobile era, more and more Internet products for people’s life, entertainment, travel to provide a convenient, carpooling application based on Shared economy has changed the way people travel, such as tick carpooling, etc.; All kinds of local service platform for lazy people’s economic life market such as home meters, etc. And of course women economic importance and entrepreneurs, a sister, pomelo in female menstrual period management, do women community; Aunt “soap” from the perspective of women’s underwear daily cleaning and health do a women-only underwear soap. Recent focus hunting cloud network of jujube, based on the women’s menstrual body care needs, focus on custom aunt big jujube do women.

jujube to Cui Dabao is a founder of the grassroots entrepreneurs after 90, had worked as an intern in baidu in 2011, when he had worked in the shake handshandle net, huayi media company, served as a consultant companies. He’s another identity is Internet columnist, has published several articles such as the mobile social why leave the “sex and face” “, “after 90 s view of entrepreneurship: sex is not about, but do not sexy no force can’t live”, etc.

the reason startups do jujube, from personal experience 5 years eventually break up the feelings of love, remember when cummer menstruation afflictive don’t care, just said drink plenty of water, big aunt is female pain points and just need truly, general if women in the menstrual period before and after the attention to adapt, diet, etc., that a few days won’t be too sad, so Cui Dabao decided from the diet of women before and after the menstrual period, women do custom jujube brand – dates to the big aunt (dates to the cartoon brand story is Cui Dabao real feelings experience).

according to the statistics, the vitamin C content of jujube is higher than apples, peaches, from 80 to 90 times, 140 times higher than the pear, known as “natural vitamin C pills”. VC is an important active substances involved in jujube enriching blood, red date of flavonoids, VC can remove free radicals, such as antioxidant effect, the active ingredient, also can prevent blood clots and platelet clumps, the blood tonic will also play a role. Especially tianshan snow jujube, because of its water irrigation, mineral content is very rich. Are of great help to female menstrual recuperation and daily health care.

Now the

jujube in the mobile social electricity on the mobile Internet business, product specification is bottled at present stage, a total of 520 g, two barrels of price 89 yuan. Users can through the micro stores and weibo shops, to pay for PC’s website is under construction, is set to launch several new products.

Cui Dabao tell hunting cloud network, he had with the team before making products and geographical experts, nutrition experts, Chinese medicine experts wait until China shandong, xinjiang and other dates of origin for field trips, eventually because of the geographical advantage of xinjiang tianshan area, xinjiang korla tianshan mountain as the product of origin, and in the xinjiang korla bought nearly hundred acres of orchards, paid a visit to the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine experts at the same time, the joint local farms orchard, Chinese medicine and nutrition experts jointly developed for women during the big aunt, aunt big jujube blood raise colour tone.

xinjiang korla tianshan mountain is one of the world fruit core optimal origin, sunshine for 16 hours, with the most suitable for the growth of the red jujube alkaline sandy soil, day and night temperature difference is about 20 degrees, make the red jujube store more nutrients, throughout the year for 220 days frost-free period, make the red jujube mature time more abundant, pure bengen tianshan snow water, make the red jujube is rich in mineral content.

jujube in 14 years to open beta launched in December, and received millions of angel investment in December, the current month sales of about 100000. From planting to the user is currently the direct farm, no middlemen, jujube mature and natural air-dry, picking in November, direct transport to Beijing factory for processing inbound selling sorting. Now is the proprietary, self-built warehouse, dates to the team are planning to open the agent distribution in April.

Cui Dabao tell hunting cloud network, dates to Beijing after the first after sorting machine, again by artificial secondary picked (choose preliminary standards: more than 1 yuan coin, plump and full), after three acupuncture wash, sterile temperature is put in the cooperation factory, make dates as far as possible dry naturally, constant temperature storage, Cui Dabao said, suitable for jujube storage temperature is about 0 to 10 degrees, 5 to 6 degrees is the best temperature, this natural air drying can keep dates for dryness, precise control of the moisture content of jujube, maintain freshness. And jujube cultivation at using organic fertilizer, process with no additives, preservatives.

product date on the package to the barrel, shake handshandle sealing, on the one hand, good sealing ability, also convenient for recycling, the attached dates to the brown sugar. Cui Dabao tell hunting cloud network, in the near future will be based on user feedback and product development plan, adding different specifications of the products, while adding a paper bag zipper packaging. In the future, as to the date as the core, according to the different stages of development needs, make the extension of jujube line products such as: dried jujube, morning tea, red jujube drink, etc.

after the dates to the 90 founding team, the team has 10 people, co-founder of angel lee core, be responsible for the operations and resources docking. Participated in schneider electric China social media promotion, AMD (China), Lily subconscious English, etc., during the period of huayi media contact is responsible for the integration of content and resources. Co-founder MoWeiJia, 2 years experience in the Internet interactive advertising, once Ren Huayi senior media planning, in the creative execution, has rich experience in creative performance. Another co-founder li chao, has many years working experience in FMCG supply chain, in mengniu dairy, six walnut responsible for supply chain management.