Founded 18 months later, Dr Mo Re/code chose to sell

(WaltMossberg) Dr And he made a big decision, most propbably is founded with Re/code are equally important, when he chose to sell at this time.

today, the science and technology news website Re/code, announced that the company has been Vox Media, new Media group purchase, but did not disclose the trading amount, also didn’t show my Dr Specific movements.

Re/code, said future web sites will still be in the same brand and the leadership team to continue to operate. In the future, Re/code will be in marketing, public relations, development, sales of readers, and publishing platform, and other fields, integrate the new owners of Vox resources.

when the Re/code will work with the Vox Media’s TheVerge become “bare-foot brother”. Re/code, said two content overlap, but Re/code will focus on the financial perspective of science and technology, TheVerge focus on reports from the perspective of way of life science and technology.

on January 2, 2014, by the Wall Street journal’s technology blog AllthingsD core team, including the famous Dr Murray. In the beginning of the first round of financing Dr Valuation is as high as $20 million to $30 million.

here are Re/code on the trading statement:

we are very pleased to announce that Re/code website, the parent of “Revere digital company”, has been widely respected in the industry of digital media company wholly-owned m&a “Vox media”.

this is we pursue high quality technology report is an important step in the mission. In the future, relying on Vox company extensive and in-depth technical resources, our work will be magnified and strengthening effect.

we want to stress is that the joint, the purpose is to enhance and enrich the content of Re/code. Future web site will use the same brand and the leadership team to continue to published news reports, with editorial independence. We will continue to be based on the original core team and the idea of the iconic Code science and technology conference, and even add new meeting.

by joining the Vox media company, Re/code will benefit by Vox all kinds of resources integration, including marketing, international public relations, development, sales and content production. We will also gradually move to Vox, exquisite, powerful, flexible content distribution platform, we will get the new rendering content.

when the time is ripe, we will and Vox media’s another successful tech news site TheVerge to cooperate. Re/code, and the content of TheVerge overlap, but Re/code financial perspective, focusing on science and technology of TheVerge focus on reports from the perspective of way of life science and technology.

at 18 months after its birth, we are able to join the Vox media media houses, and get all kinds of resources, we are very excited. Believe that the resources and colleagues from the Vox, will help us continue to grow, continue to better focus on what you – the most focus on science and technology content of our readers.

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