Former sohu executives fang founded fresh tiger, grafting WeChat help traditional restaurant

some time ago just before leaving the company sohu, senior vice President, fang also started the entrepreneurial journey. Hunting cloud network information display, he has created a fresh tiger WeChat start-ups ecological science and technology, the website has been launched, and has obtained the angel investment.

display data to see fresh tiger’s official website, the company was founded in 2015 on January 5, locating on the WeChat third-party application developers, to provide users with “WeChat shake” found surrounding favorable solution of hardware and software, to help consumers convenient find and access to local merchants independently issue discount information, and help local businesses to create and run the user community, innovation, customer experience, improve business performance.

hunting cloud network query Beijing enterprise information network, fresh tiger tiger company full name for the Beijing science and technology co., LTD., registered in 2014 on December 16, fang himself as a legal person, company, individual shareholders include the original digital Li Boming, editor-in-chief of sohu, sohu editor since the media cheng-wei Yang.

at present, fresh tiger is conducting employee recruitment, including HTML 5, ios developers, etc.

fresh tiger hunting cloud will also continue to follow up the progress of the project.