Foreigners slip off well, Beijing disabled after “well off” mobile game development

life always meet all kinds of bad, some setbacks, some is difficult, even bizarre bad experiences can be unique, such as the foreigner, he fell into the CMC in Beijing. But with the creative and network engineer talent market recruitment, his experience will he made into a full of black humor mobile games.

(note: cloud network editor king hunting CMC is used in turning of the drainage pipe, branch, drop, etc, in order to check, dredge with Wells, named inspection Wells. Similarly, buried in the telecommunications cable inspection Wells, power cable inspection Wells, also known as CMC. CMC is the basement).

the above is the creator of the game Mark Major to playing in the game image

about Plummet interview, Mark Major said: “my family and friends all know I black humor, but when I tell them I’m going to put the previous fall into 9 meters of CMC in the experience to make a game, they were very surprised. They look at me with a look at the eccentric, and when they found that games masters grow and I almost the same time, my team specially add the onion to his head and beard, they feel more difficult to understand. But, after when tried my Plummet, although apparently I falling in the game master, they still showed a great interest, had a High time.

Plummet is logged in Apple Store last month, made the first Major to participate in the game, and black humor did not stop his Major content of the game: he is decisively chose other startup Back Games () as their names.

seven years later, despite the lower limb disability caused by the accident to Major and enduring pain, he still like to explore a new field and game development team memories describes and copy the scene together. 28 Major told reporters at his home in New Zealand, Wellington “for a long time I have argued that the accident was a disaster, is a bad thing, but recently I got inspired and the determination to make him such a game.”

specifically, Major is entrepreneurs, a prominent blogger, called electronic age inspired by Tim Ferriss of indiana Jones. Tim about everyone can establish next app empire of articles and Major personnel changes in the near future in the loss of the reality of IT manager, for he had dropped his CMC experience to make the idea of a mobile phone game.

through the use of an online talent market, Major from Romania and Selma barnea recruited responsible for programming and design of the ape to put his ideas into reality. From this simple idea to enter the App Store, the whole process took only two months. The game is now available to download in the App Store. Major believe that because of the popularity of online talent market, people start their own startups is becoming unprecedented low threshold, will an idea displayed in the form of their preferences will be more and more simple.

Major is in Beijing, a few years to a tolerance of drops of CMC, but he is decorating the demons roaming the streets. “I thought to buy a bottle of water, walking and then passed out, when I woke up I have in the nine meters of CMC.” Major recalled the scene, he said that he remembered he crushed the CMC in some wood, the buffer saved his life, but the rest of the details are never looking back. Later he was sent to the hospital, the memory of fault until after an X-ray: “after the x-rayed, the doctor told me don’t touch” Major continued. After that, Major realized what had happened.

about the experience of other rules are also include in the Plummet, including CMC with no lid of streets of Beijing. Major game and his Endless Runner are compared, and the Plummet’s mission is to continuously drop, and through the cell phone to avoid obstacles, shaking it and Endless Runner are distinguished.

Major at the same time to believe that the game can inspire other unfortunate experience to express their experience and experience, he said the game screenshot won the “other broke back and was inspired by entrepreneur’s comments to do the support of the APP” since its launch, Major by Reddit with players on the close communication and interaction.

this App is not a Major studio first startup, but is the first time that he has for the mass consumer rather than try to specific enterprise users. Brokeback game, of course, this name will be changed by studio release more games and app into a slightly formal name.

Plummet in now.