For the world to do overseas online shopping in taobao, buy a hand can live goods overseas

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in recent years the domestic tourist groups and multiple stimuli, such as foreign trade policy to relax many domestic users start shopping at to overseas markets, cross-border electricity has also been described as the last one in the field of electricity industry blue ocean, many entrepreneurs and capital began to enter, have created a,,, such as start-up, part for wholesale funding.

however, with the platform by overseas retailers supply direct mining or sold to domestic consumers, launched in June 2014 for the world, is located in C2C overseas online shopping platform, by independent buyers overseas docking domestic consumers.

introduce shopping process:

identity for the world to buy hand overseas living status of strict audit – buy a hand at the mall shooting goods details, phone order and upload the buying process – customers buy merchandise hand shops straight – will send home clean out the warehouse – new world is responsible for the quality inspection, sorting, packaging again – along abundant express delivery into the hands of the consumers.

note: in the whole process, for the world is not involved in purchasing, just build platform connecting buyers and buyer. Buyer the goods send to Canon for world platform test, in order to prevent the goods in the process of delivery damage, such as inspection found that damage to the goods, for the world will contact overseas buyers, return money, pay by time, distance and so on many factors. Shall be the responsibility of the new world, thus avoiding the consumers receive damaged goods, cause unnecessary trouble. (for some high-priced luxury authenticity identification)

from the interface, live flash sales mode with buyer homepage, resident service, provide the buyer will have the opportunity to let buyer some overseas shops not prompt sale products online for a long time for domestic consumers. new world platform to provide loan services to buy a hand, help to buy hand to ease the pressure on capital turnover; Sales after the first purchase way, to help buy a hand ease the pressure on inventory stock up.

before cloud network reported that a lot of hai tao hunting mode of App, such as B2C + limited-time sale mode, the global tide product discount buy on sb’s behalf, purchased overseas care category, etc. In the sea, in the fierce market competition, the new world what other features to attract consumers?

in addition to several obvious advantages mentioned above, the new world a platform to compensate way to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of consumers first, to provide “safe return of the 15 days”, the evaluation of consumers also directly restricts the buyer. And prices, tao don’t do too much intervention in the world, all countries competing with each other, the buyer eventually form on the price advantage of consumers.

new world users on a second-tier cities in the high-end consumer groups, and the consumption level rapid enhancement of three cities. For the world culture by rich category, platform, considerate service and so on user viscosity. Vivian said that tao world has millions of users, month increased by more than 30%.

tao batty, founder of the world in 2011, with the help of his contacts in overseas education and resources, act as purchasing agency service for the demand of high-end consumer groups. For the world platform currently has 600 buyers. Vivian said. “people need to hai tao, only solved the problem of the credit system, can promote the development of the field of hai tao.”

although tao world cannot emphasize source problem, also hard to eliminate the doubts of the mind. Even for “live” model of the world, in fact it is also hard to strictly avoid these problems. Besides it live or a “live”, a photo, not strictly control the quality of the product. Anyway, for the world’s first priority is to help users in the first place to buy low price, good quality and service guaranteed product.

for the early stage of the world does not consider profit, focused on building C2C platform, or in the future will focus on in this area, will not go overseas docking platform. The future platform in charge by buyer promotion or advertisement cost, etc. The cost of the corresponding profit. Clean out the world experienced angel rounds and source of capital millions of dollars to A round of funding, upfront financing funds mainly used in propaganda, warehouse cost and delivery.