For the month: corner overtaking, from “open to booking a custom + independent pricing” cuts and electricity

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in recent years, the maternal and infant market financing and lasts hot: in 2012, suning’s $66 million takeover of red children. In July 2014, spicy mom help get $20 million B round; In November, xiao-he sale for $10 m A round of funding; In December, bud honey baby complete $60 million C round of financing; In January of this year, beibei net $100 million C round… Ardent as capital influx, reflects the industry’s high growth, from another perspective, maternal and infant market is more like a mounting the spring and autumn. Therefore, for some new and entrepreneurs, for different development route is the method of maternal and infant electrical contractor’s survival.

as cloud network focus on hunting and “beauty on tao” aim for maternal and infant electric dealer market, but on the play set some differentiation model. Beauty month for positioning is cross-border mother-to-child electric business platform, emphasis on “order in advance, cheaper”, use “Internet thinking + big data”, in the form of C2B model show that allow the user to price the product in advance.

maternal and infant industry particularity as the guidance, C2B closer to businesses and consumers

Su Xiaolu founder for the month, more than ten years serial entrepreneur, who was involved in a startup whoops, mail box and choose only 360, hot mom show, etc. Su Xiaolu hunting cloud network interview said that “entry, new technology, new Internet consumption of information between multiple platforms, which makes more closely the relationship between businesses and consumers, the demand of consumer is more precise and more detailed interpretation. In terms of maternal and infant electricity Internet mineralization stage, C2B is advanced mode, C2B is end users to participate in the product development, design, pricing, and a series of link up mode.”

actually, maternal and child electricity lasts hot, there are a lot of time factor in it. First, the new generation of parents from the Internet, the acceptance for electronic commerce is higher, in addition, the working life of pressure and the fragmentation of shopping mode makes them more willing to through the online platform to buy goods; Secondly, due to the escalating food safety, the national psychological: to produce on domestic dairy products and products of distrust, has given rise to the fixed origin of the strong demand in the maternal and infant products.

at the same time, China’s new generation of parents are eager to give the next generation of a better life, present the dual characteristics can be planned and guidance, it is this particularity and electricity had more traditional electricity is not the same as online sales model. Su Xiaolu convective cloud network, “electricity thing to do is not localized, so meet the cross-border shopping is not only creating one of the reasons for maternal and infant electricity, also will be in the next few years a big trend in the development of electricity.”

opens to booking a custom + independent pricing “, consumer to product design front end

based on the particularity of the industry, the month for the introduction of maternal and infant electricity product reserve mode. Tao and maternal and child’s got talent, the specific approach: the month doctors expert cooperation aimed at various stages, such as consumer spending power to develop standardized products recommended, and for product replacement reminders. Then provide the consumer demand directly to manufacturers, produced by producers to scheduling, cost savings from the middle, we usually speak to direct selling price consumers can get the same products, achieve the efficiency optimization of manufacturer, the consumer cost optimization, and basic for the month can achieve zero inventory.

second do maternal electricity and the safety of the products is the first consideration. At present, the beauty in tao to milk powder, diapers, clothes, baby carrier and postnatal care of mother fast pin product and just need sex products, platform, 80% for imported products, directly from the total global generation, large business super, direct marketing channels such as goods, to ensure that the product source is reliable and can be traced, can through the qr code traces the origin, pasture; For the month at the same time have their own independent warehouse in goods country of origin.

compared with similar maternal and infant electrical contractor, in the case of price DaSheZhan must, for the month to improve the intimacy between the user and the manufacturer, the consumer can even go to the front end, added to the product design stage of the customized products. Tao differentiation in Su Xiaolu point of view, the month comes in, is the future “artillery” as mentioned in the “war” mother and baby, and will cut into the Internet after financial related.

it is clear that the maternal and infant industries are in discount price war, but in Su Xiaolu appears simple spell at a discount price will affect the healthy development of the industry, and the influx of capital can be said to be the reserves of ammunition, a belongs to the “war” coming of maternal and infant, like, like group-buying wars in the industry as a whole will be more mergers and acquisitions, and even death directly. Cloud network view, hunting for the month will meet offline channels, user experience, cross-border business policy restrictions, such as resistance, but its “open to booking a custom + independent pricing” the beauty of a new play on tao can stand out, we shall see.