Follow who won A $50 million round of funding, the valuation of $250 million

(text/Wang Saiying)

today, A former chief executive of the new Oriental xiang dong.he learning conference in its entrepreneurial projects – and who, before the first revelation that the financing amount, the figure again to refresh the record of A round of funding.

and who learn online only five months, in December 2014, the assignment of ficus altissima capital, and capital institutions such as joint investment of A round of $50 million, $250 million valuation, it was the biggest since the 90 s venture investment into China of A round of funding, had the highest record is millet was 15 months after received A round of $41 million.

at the scene, xiang dong.he also announced the formal launch student who learn App2.0 version, LBS + IM is and who learn the feature of the new version, the function to find the teacher and communication more convenient. The platform also launched a new App users cashback preferential policies. In addition to this, and who learn website has also launched a new plate “poly HuiXue”, this section is the platform for the teacher class quality (with discount) zone, the zone is divided into four parts, broadcast, video class, line class and poly (1 to 1. It is worth mentioning that the zone of the course are mostly platform selection and subsidies for feedback users free or 1 yuan.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, and who learn the registrations of 70000 teachers, the millions of number of students, the highest revenue to reach 2.09 million, platform on the most profitable in the teachers who have gone through learning with created millions of tuition revenue so far, and who have studied platform for more than 300 cities across the country, and in Beijing, wuhan, chengdu, hefei, nanjing and other 35 cities set up branches and agents, regardless of cities, villages and towns, rural experience, the use of products.

some time ago, the who learn with speculation and questioned, and even from the xiang dong.he sell villa operators to maintain company news, xiang dong.he himself in weibo response: “let guess fly for a while. Now, the truth emerged, xiang dong.he and his heel who learn not only short of money, on the contrary, capricious and money.

xiang dong.he to hunt cloud network said, and who learn product system: unlike many vertical cut into the online education programs, and who learn by PC is a website and mobile APP O2O find teacher learning services electric business platform, set up an education the taobao ecological system of the industry, provide service for teachers and students in institutions, and individuals.

who learn with landscape covers more than tens of thousands of course, including overseas examination, K12 counseling, college English cet test classes, and training courses, as well as dance, painting, tai chi, and martial arts sports courses, and even magic, learn to fly a plane, etc., the user can find the corresponding teaching resources on the platform, and platform has launched the introduction of foreign high-quality education resources.

xiang dong.he, according to the current platform in teachers is growing at a rate of several hundred per day, enrollment is growing exponentially. The raise funds will be used in deeper level of product research and development and the national business expansion.

online education is on the rise in recent years, with whom, please he taught, online education companies such as apes question bank also won the favour of capital market, the future, this area will gradually form the red sea, under the tuyere of the Internet education, and who learn and how to innovate education industry? We have to wait and see.