Focusing to get rich: maternal and infant flash power purchase Zulily of prosperity (on)

cloud network hunting note: Zulily, flash sales website of one of America’s main maternal and infant products. this is a silent and no one once, but billions of dollars worth of start-ups. and other most flash sales model, the personalized sales model, breaking the traditional contempt of the success of the business philosophy of investors who think it will not endure?

in January, one foggy morning, Seattle Zulily’s headquarters in the hallway an angry little girl wearing a tiara sat on a pink carriage. She is angry, the suction cup as kept waving a stick. Came out from the toilet on the way back, my eyes locked on the toilet and waited for the corridor, the suddenly broke into the line of sight of improvisation. Considering the game a little girl in absolute advantage in arms, I determined to surrender. Paper lanterns moving my eyes to the ceiling, looked at the carnival hung around the walls all kinds of plush toy animals, rocking horse, a children’s toy house on the ground. It feels like it’s like the world’s best Crate & amp; Barrel company swept the pediatrician’s office.

around 10 o ‘clock in the morning, I almost mad, my toddler and dozens of little kids hovering in place for the labyrinth. The other side of the glass wall, more than 10 camera moment on standby, under the flash is more than 20 in Urban Outfitters young fashion clothing models, like marbles shuttling them one by one. A few other small models dressed in colorful scarf and furry boots, straight to export in the direction of the toy wall up, kept a hysterical shrieks. In the noisy environment, the inclusion of Bob Marley & amp; The Wailers exodus. Sitting opposite me is a Tory ‘Burch’s coat black trousers blonde woman staring at her iPhone, oblivious of everything around.

Darrell Cavens

according to the chief executive of Cavens introduction, the company set up has been five years now, and here is Zulily “between” fifth or sixth office, the office space is like a pair of shoes that be thrown into the garbage, like forgotten. See this maybe you wouldn’t think it is the name of a company, this is very normal, unless you often go to “blog”. But, on February 11th Zulily announced its earnings in the fourth quarter of 2014 than it billions of dollars in annual income in electronic commerce the seat reinforced a market. Can in a short period of time, in fact, the breakthrough billion mark retail brands only amazon and Old Navy (Old Navy).

any a company to enter the scarce industry are impressive, what’s more, in this case, in such a short time Zulily so very well. What the company sells numerous, almost can meet so any needs of young mothers and their family members, sometimes there is a big discount. Zulily marketing is usually adopted the flash sales, limited sales skills, a child classification patterns of the electricity. It basically is to rely on some small scale, low awareness of brand and competition. Website don’t have any rating system for products, because the product will disappear after three days. It USES is zero inventory management mode, this also means that the clients are placing orders it may take several weeks to perform. That is to promote the industry, that is, in contrast to most of the way to quickly meet. Buyers want to return is the basic impossible. Zulily is like a living in the amazon of the shadow of the operation mode of the success, and struggled to attract more eyes youth entrepreneurship..

Zulily in November 2013, listed since the market price is soaring, in February 2014 after a surge in $7 billion, although some skeptics thinks its share price to the lowest point. This is easy to weaken the Zulily, but everything to prove the sceptics is “wrong” – skeptics believe that amazon will shatter the startup, but it has also become the on Wall Street and the widening gap between science and technology company of an interesting case. Zulily business looks simple, it is easily be despise or misunderstanding exactly how much effort is needed to make it successful. Zulily’s chief executive and co-founder of always not willing to ignore the CNBC report, also don’t want to do too many things to flatter the public mood.

Zulily are able to have a long-term and stable business, because it refused to adhere to the path, break traditional thinking mode of philosophy. Zulily success reveals how to build a quietly with crazy loyal customers online electricity retail store. As much as 80% of the order is from repeat customers, why? Is just proved that once Fab dead, unstable private sale mode (private – sale model) of possibility? And it proves that the purchasing power of the mothers? Yes, absolutely right. But it is more than this, Zulily although its business growth like the speed of light, every day thousands of slow down the efficiency of the company to solve small problems. The startup in rapid development at the same time, still keep the good hire and spend money to waste not, avoid excessive exposure media hype, flexible investment process, powerful technical architecture, so that employees move fast, break down, learn from their mistakes, do better next time.

to moms prepared “daily”

at 6 o ‘clock in the morning (Pacific time) Zulily and Pinterest similar layout of web pages with it and mobile applications to users show 100 pieces of fresh events and 9000 new products, 365 days a year, every day. All goes well, you just need to sell out in 15 minutes. Zulily will then to millions of emails from the customers, inform them new flash sales merchandise. “Every day we like to show our new product in the newspaper” Cavens said.

this is not a metaphor exaggeration, Zulily is really a great publications. To really understand the company, the first step is to learn how it has been a busy efficiency. From the first day, Zulily choice of the commercial product photography, and avoid the suppliers for internal film instead of 99% of the products. In Cavens’s point of view, it is like a across application side, the unity of the email and web catalogue. Although Zulily executives declined to discuss their trading details, according to Alexa, according to data from Zulily about 700000 the number of visitors every day, browse around in about 50 seconds long. “We want users to think Zulily is really a retailer, not a pipeline only sell others goods.” Cavens said. “We want in their own way, to truly show our goods on the site. “

this process began on the second floor of the five-storey building Zulily headquarters. There are 14 different photo studio, scale, about 20 x20 feet every day hundreds of pictures taken. Each studio has carefully designed lighting system and replaceable mixed background. Open the closet which fold full props from fluffy carpet, equipped with plastic fruit plate and make women look pregnant tights. All these tools according to demand design done by the workers in the basement of Zulily headquarters building, not only that, they also on standby, according to the needs of photographers group, temporary make new props. Make-up artists, stylists, photographers and other creative small teams like workers busy in good order, at least once a day to complete the 12 model project. These people are Zulily, from the field to find a buyer, writer, etc., and every one of “employees” measurements, hair color and style preferences saved to the database. “So far I come here twice,” a woman more than 20 years old brown skin later told me. “I will try to schedule on Friday afternoon.” Another Zulily model in near the fashion ballard said, “after completing my make-up work can leave at once.”

and those cute baby! Where they come from? The local community’s mom and dad to to submit the application form, competing to make their children do models here. But these children came in, they will often cry, photographer need to babies in the glaring light hem out various positions, but the company will provide free for the children’s snacks. Before (this also includes the flourishing of sippy cups, little girl gives me a headache). Parents will receive Zulily manager email thank you to watch, and the professional quality of the image compressed files. It also means the birth of their child modeling career.

Zulily building three layer is produced by the refinement of reliable quality. Another group of the studio and on the second floor of the model set of work is taken independent products, such as: watches, perfumes, canvas shoes and white without suture line of small items. I pulled a aside work on joints and tattoo photographer, asked him:

I: “like this work generally taken how long it will take to complete? “

the photographers: “generally is two or three days? “

I: “two or three days? “

the photographers: “sometimes it need a week in advance to do, but like the post-holiday season doesn’t have to ahead of time.”

once a group shot, there will be a group of people rushed in and changing scene, taken to get to the next. The whole process is very efficient, even an action is not wasted. A project does not need everyone involved, but everyone here is very clear their own reason to exist.

when all is ready, the shooting started. Photographer chose a few of the best lens, after the completion of continuous clip, and then through ZuStudio – Zulily internal custom management system (CMS), sends them to the art department two floors above. Prior to the release of images here will be further modified.

however, this is only the first stage.

compares the partners of “old”

I sat Zulily of the ground floor of office building, small, dimly lit. You may not think of here is Cavens office. The buyer here, most writers, designers and marketers in capacious and bright layer four, five, where everyone can enjoy the original landscape of puget sound. And from Cavens office noise outside the window and in the streets of panoramic view of the crowd. Dust desk is located in the corner, the photograph on the desk is his little son and daughter when skiing, the whole office decoration. Cavens is a 42-year-old canadians, always filled with smile on his face. Who would have thought the physical burly, laughing silly of silly of billionaire will be able to stay in the office?

“every time I call in the office, once have a truck, I would say ‘wait’ with each other. In fact, for with such an office, I never mind it, “he said with a smile.

in fact, it’s all about company’s development in the transaction, Cavens rarely considered one of the things. “For him in the corner office and not much relationship” Zulily CIO and technical director Luke Friang said. The former in Costco and Eddie Bauer worked industry veteran said: “I can stay in Zulily a big reason is because of him.”

in 1996, when Cavens around the age of 20, he from Victoria university in vancouver to drop out of school and went to Seattle. He found a job at Microsoft, become in da wei for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s a member of the “advanced technical team”. Its performance include established some websites, like ABC News,, and main frame. He soon showed unique ability to help portal development.

in 1999, the first time in the Internet boom. Headhunter took him away to a jewelry store Blue Nile has online sales. Blue Nile’s idea is to want to those low-income groups are better able to find affordable jewelry, let they can afford an engagement ring to his partner, (Cavens engaged soon after joining the company.) Is Cavens here with Blue Nile’s founder and chief executive Mark Vadon acquaintance. “When I hired Darrell, I know he is one of the best software developers,” Vadon said this is just like a carefree history teacher.

Cavens on Blue Nile’s management quickly and eventually become the CTO and senior vice President of marketing. 2006 Blue Nile silently out of the confusion and valleys of countless e-business start-up. It has even surpassed Tiffany & amp; nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull