Flat management mode, the boss how to when

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in the past 100 years, the job hierarchy structure changed dramatically, but failed to shake the subordinate concept, this situation is changing.

in the United States, the bureaucratic system evolution of distributed leadership in nearly a century

according to the management and organization studies at the Massachusetts institute of technology professor Deborah Ancona’s view, the company in the United States in the 1820 s about “super bureaucracy”. Development and 60 s, people begin to pay attention to interpersonal relationships, and began to discuss the problem of trust and empathy. But in the 90 s, various organizations facing large-scale rectification. Today, the final work hierarchy the ecological (eco – leadership), collaborative leadership (collaborative leadership) and distributed leadership (distributed leadership).

the X-ray Teams: how to lead, innovation, and make the team, the author of Ancona, said: “the network is the key factor, if you understand the company’s internal network, you will have a better chance to promote the company forward.”

have several decentralized “flat” structure of grade and loose boundary has become a popular company organization mode, it can not only attract more talents, also more conducive to the growth of the company, it is no wonder that it all along by Google. But as more and more companies “flat”, also need to improve their leadership thinking. When employees tend to work without leadership level relations, leaders need to think about what problems? To build a staff has the autonomy, have grow up thinking rather than curing thinking, not by supervision organization, leaders do?

course on neurology, Ancona flat structure is proposed in the necessary conditions:

thoroughly transparency

Ancona to Fast Company said: “flat organizational decisions both top-down, also has from the bottom up. Lot of work to to the grass-roots staff, which requires the company’s decision to further transparent, to give employees more power and freedom.”

company employees, especially staff at the grassroots level need to be aware of each decision-making reason, because they play an important role of connected with the outside world and implement decisions. They want to know the market and social and cultural aspects, understand these factors and the direction of the company. For these purposes, the company needs to be transparency in decision making.

church staff strategic thinking

high transparency makes the grassroots employees understand the business model, begin to think in strategic thinking.

Ancona said: “employees not only learn to judge whether an idea from the Angle of science and technology is feasible and more how to determine its market competitiveness and economic benefits.”

she further explained: “accordingly, it puts forward higher requirements on leader – training staff of the enterprise spirit. If the employee in a command and control relationships only bad environment, they do not have the enthusiasm of independent thinking. So as a leader, you need to train the ability of employees to their confidence, and guide them to confidence into enthusiasm for work. If no training, the staff, it’s very difficult to have creative thinking, it is hard to adapt to fast-paced work environment.”

online clothing retail company founder Michael REVOLVE the Mente and Mike Karanikolas always adhere to the flattening management, especially in terms of leadership and communication, despite its difficulties in the implementation process. The Mente and Karanikolas told Fast Company, as the leaders of the flat Company, when their ideas are questions, the first thing to relax and keep calm, then can obtain the multi-angle evaluation and feedback. It increases the employee role in decision-making, is the affirmation of the value to them, are crucial for morale and the development of the company.

in the strategic thinking of the training team, Ancona suggestion from the problems. “About your opinion?” “How will you spend this difficulty? The thinking process of problems, such as to train employees, to make them learn to consider solutions from different angles.

to set up multiple “connected”

if you value employees’ innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit, it will need to provide them with different positions and areas within the company.

Ancona the explanation is: “among employees to contact each other convenient enough, because innovation and collaborative environment requires a creative collision they each other. Employees in different positions and areas, purposefully to communicate with other employees, this is an important source of new ideas.”

she added: “thought different employees to communicate and ideas, while the company mechanism to protect these collisions. Contact between company’s protection mechanism, help employees’ connected ‘are part of the construction of an innovative organization.”

marketing automation company Autopilot HQ CEO Mike Sharkey says his company’s flat structure to form the employees do not need across multiple levels and multiple team organization to participate in decision-making.

he told Fast Company explained: “often analysis of decision-making and implementation failure, failure are found to be caused by the different levels of employee participation decision-making. So we all jobs only a company’s sole decision way. This is vital, it can keep flat organization structure, so that everyone can communicate equally. To know in traditional large companies, employees can’t communicate with CEO, whether online or offline.”

the rise of flat structure dates back to the Silicon Valley startup culture, it makes the flat structure has been carefully. But as the growth of the enterprise, if does not have the above conditions, it is difficult to maintain completely flat. Ancona recommends “fence” have the autonomy to manage employees. If a leader freely said: “after work, have fun.” This means that he has not clearly understand the essence of the flat structure: when the hierarchy in the company ceased to exist, everyone should press forward, because everyone is a leader.


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