Fisher announced fuzzy B round at home, amount, or $25 million

recently,. At home last night, the little fish officially announce B round end, investors including innovation works, become capital, foxconn and the speed of light AnZhen, officially amount to tens of millions of dollars, and a fuzzy number, does not give specific data.

however, according to the official release of information in it is very interesting, “at present, the company has completed two rounds of nearly $30 million in financing.” Hunting cloud network query, at the beginning of the establishment, the company to obtain the speed of light AnZhenHe $4.4 million series A investment of innovation works. Extrapolate that fisher B round amount should be at home at about $25 million.

disclosure innovation works, the little fish science and technology innovation works investment 2014 fastest growing technology companies, is also in the shortest time (just 11 months) into the $one hundred million company of the club.

company was formally established in early 2014, founded jointly by song myfeng, xing-guo zhao et al. Among them, the song myfeng has founded 3 d virtual world platform easy city blue sky, after the YY became the general manager YY open platform after the acquisition. The core team building products is the company of an intelligent type robot “fish” at home. The product can realize mobile phone remote control, audio and video communication, voice interaction, intelligent recording and intelligent learning, etc.

hunting cloud network learned that small fish at home has been officially launched in early may jingdong, into foxconn production, through technological innovation, cost reductions and RMB 2299. In addition, equipped with portable lithium battery fish at home Pro plan will be listed in the third quarter of 2015. Small fish at home now in addition to the website since the sale, and jingdong, Tmall online sales channel. At the same time, the small fish at home also began laying the combination of various forms of online marketing channels, including in some home appliance chain store sales.

small fish at home co-founder and CEO myfeng song said: “the little fish caught a at home has not been very well meet the demand of the hard, with demand from family members, make the content of the surrounding families service platform. Innovation works rarely led B round, this time they not only involved in led, kai-fu also joined the board of our teacher, this is for our approval.”

joint led party B round innovation works, chairman and chief executive, Mr Lee said: “we believe that home intelligent robots will have very good development and future. And small fish at home, this product has a profound insight to the customer, product family centered on user penetration, flagship of the “family” company has a large demand. This time we are in the phase B round led fish at home, believe that this is a very right decision.”

small fish at home users, according to data released in over 50% of households, at least six days a week to meet them through the small fish in the home and family and about 40% of the users with small mobile applications at home “home” more than five times a day.

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