Financing YeBao: Lyft such as financing, @ or refresh unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) raised

cloud network hunting on March 12 (word/WeiWen)

a taxi software Lyft won $530 million round of funding, E electricity giant lotte led by Japan. Lotte total investment of usd 300 million in Lyft 11.9% stake in the company. It is unclear whether other investors information, but after including alibaba, Chloe figure capital management, such as Andreessen Horowitz company involved in investment.

the self-help warehousing SpareFoot won $33 million in financing service platform, this round of financing by the vc firm Revolution Growth led, it has built a storage network in the United States, there are more than 9400 warehouse, and large warehouse logistics company cooperation.

business intelligence start-ups Looker won $30 million B round, it can through the simple way to enterprises of different sources of data in the form of visual and share. This Round of funding from Meritech Capital Partners, led, PivotNorth, First Round Capital, etc. And, this Round of funding will be used for expansion and software improvements.

south Korean cosmetics electricity Memebox won $17.5 million B round, investment institutions have YC, Formation, eight Goodwater Capital, AME Cloud Ventures, etc. 8. This round of financing is mainly used to create their own brands, and strengthen the control on the logistics.

pet grooming O2O “good dog” tens of millions of yuan, the PRE – A financing, for blue angel investment. This round of funding will be mainly used for recruiting beautician, optimize the beauty services, marketing. Shenzhen will be the next service the opening of the site.

education informatization “to teach the science and technology” nearly $ten million A round of investment, investors for green network all over the world. At present, to teach the science and technology has been introduced for K12 education institutions of real-time online interactive teaching learning platform – a division.

wedding website Bridestory won A round of funding, investors for the German Rocket Internet incubator. The company’s founder Kevin Mintaraga did not disclose the specific amount, only say about the millions of dollars.

the door nail beautiful angel investment 5 million yuan, more by once cast PP assistant Chen Yongling cast. This round of financing will be used for team building and expansion of new urban development and expand the service line. In nail art, beautiful eyelash and the hand, on the basis of the future will also expand more beauty makeup the class project.

C2B used car auction platform “to open new help sell” by Mr Capital A round of funding, FLAG Squadron Capital and the Capital of datai will also join. Allegedly will in the near future to complete a registration after delivery, the details were not disclosed.

online education “wei school” won the first round of angel investment, the company valued at 30 million yuan, the company has not yet been revealed that the investor. It is toefl ielts SAT online education service provider, it is understood that the first paragraph of the back word software “strong words memorizing words” are in private, is about to launch.

air @ value 2 billion yuan, IDG such as Goldman sachs for

have news, including IDG, Goldman sachs, Morgan Stanley, Cerberus and other international well-known investment institutions, are called @ around shenzhen aviation science and technology co., LTD., A round of funding research and discuss the work. This round of financing is likely to hit a unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in the history of the world’s biggest credit line, the current conservative valuations in 2 billion yuan of above.

the public comment on finishing a new round of $850 million in financing

the public comments on potential institutional investors to negotiate, and a number of potential investors, including temasek, Singapore’s sovereign fund private equity firms and tongxie decoction capital and dalian wanda, han family scene, the public comments on the old shareholders also have to vote. It is understood that the public comment on financing to around $300 million, originally wanted to be Meituan force and had to “heel”.

mushroom street plans to raise $300 million m, the valuation of 2 billion

the news that China’s social shopping service mushroom street is trying to raise about $300 million, and valuations will reach about $2 billion. Mushroom street financing attracted China several investment institutions at home and abroad, including the focus on entrepreneurship, sovereign wealth funds, private equity company in the late and hedge funds. In June 2014, mushroom street at $1 billion in the last round of financing.

PayPal $60 million bid for information security company CyActive

the PayPal payment service has confirmed that will be $60 million CyActive information security company. PayPal will split with eBay. At the same time of the purchase, PayPal announced it would build research and development center in Israel.

23 million investment yongle blue port interaction ticket

blue port interaction and yongle ticket will be in the game, movie, play in areas such as two-way authorization, and the use of their marketing resources to market and brand marketing partnerships. Blue port interaction from the game to the film and television to IP as a bridge, through the whole industry chain cultural content, established on the basis of the culture of the game the surrounding ecosystem, platform development, down to do international business development.

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