Financing evening news: the cooperation business community AlleyNYC attain financing

on March 3, hunting cloud network (word/WeiWen)

collaboration business community AlleyNYC

AlleyNYC won $16 million in financing, financing by private-equity firms Vandewater Capital Holdings led. After financing, AlleyNYC can move in a three layer, a total of 4 square feet of space, and it will also help the company growing with it.

B2B food raw materials distribution company “chain farmers”

“chain of agriculture” has completed the $8 million in A round of funding, number of sequoia capital for the financing of the investor. Chain agriculture is to provide one-stop shop for small and medium-sized catering businesses, the category and cheaper ingredients procurement services. It focus on small and medium sized catering business procurement requirements, to the level of the sale to purchasing large quantities of ingredients, the cost of raw materials compression would be around 20%.

campus supermarket cloud 8 days online

8 days completed online by fosun brothers tens of millions of yuan to finance capital investment of the Pre – A round, completed the country nearly 10 core city layout. Eight days online with mobile terminal APP collocation cloud logistics platform, for millions of college students provide FMCG and digital consumer goods for services. After this round of financing, to speed up the development the key city at the heart of the colleges and universities, activate the cloud logistics and deployment of cloud group.

focus on small and medium-sized enterprise consulting “a reward”

a reward now angel financing $10 million. Answer questions and answers for reward by vertical involved in online consulting, business operators to provide problem solving solutions, is committed to build the most valuable business share and connections to the community. Users can browse and learning experts and their ideas and make big coffee companies, to form a mental help and connections of the docking platform.

car maintenance service platform tomorrow maintenance on sale

maintenance special set up the early tomorrow after millions of angel financing. They aim to provide owners with the 4 s shop car special maintenance information, implementation to the price of the motor repair shop to enjoy professional services to the 4 s shop. By the content of the maintenance service provided by the 4 s shop, the material, the price as well as the key indicators of word of mouth a few users concerned about such as transparency, consumer choice to return the user’s hand.

VOW music headphones star cluster technology

Chen had founded orca digital music network, star science and technology, founded in 2014, the main do intelligent hardware. The company imitate Beats headphones mode, introduced the world’s first intelligent networking headset vow, star cluster technology in those early days he had won a $ten million investment, shareholders include radium and complete angel fund, etc. A day earlier, Mr. Chen was in the circle of friends said HongTai fund jump ticket, cause the attention of the media and venture capital. Last night, Mr. Chen has announced HongTai funds to the account, he said “20 days to account” there is misunderstanding on both sides, and with the funds to the account misunderstandings have been lifted.

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