Financing evening news: the bird’s nest platform little fairy stew, yeepay payments for financing

cloud network hunting on March 29 (word/WeiWen)

little fairy stewed bird’s nest platform completed 1.5 million yuan angel round, for HongTai fund investment. Little fairy stew is a specially designed for young women, pregnant mother custom light luxury, bird’s nest O2O Internet brand, its use “central kitchen + B2C electrical contractor + O2O” business model.

yeepay pay for a new round of investment, hongxin led by the far east, global private-equity firms TA Associates for refs. The financing will be applied to the current relatively popular third-party payment, Internet financial, O2O marketing and credit, and other fields, the specific amount and transaction details not disclosed.

financial education electric business platform “platinum slightly financial training” nearly $ten million round of funding, angel the financing, the investor to hj and south wind throws the online education platform. Platinum slightly financial training focused on enterprise financial personnel to provide professional financial skills training. This funding will be mainly used for the online course system building and education system of optimization.

cross-border three dimension electric business platform technology to complete the tens of millions of yuan A round of funding, led by hills of Shanghai pujiang equity investment fund. Three dimensions of science and technology by the cross-border electricity supply chain source with scarce resources and advantage. The online version 2.0 will be upgraded to merge the Internet financial and social game elements in cross-border electricity integrated operators.

in the game issued overseas jiao Yang network (Uzone) 20 million yuan of A round of financing, value of 100 million yuan. Future will launch mobile end products “China research and development power” and the establishment of the database in overseas markets. Jiao Yang network of overseas distribution products for online + offline marketing (overseas) + offline services + foreign (domestic).

road assistance to support the Honk of $12 million for A round of funding, Honk location-based information service for owners to provide support for the road, by Altpoint Ventures led. Reached a cooperation, Honk and more than two thousands contractors on the mobile terminal in a timely manner to help users call trailer, change tire, accumulator and rushed to the oil, and other services.

website social investment snowball $40 million C round of financing, group led by everyone, morningside and capital. Snowball for Chinese investors across markets (Shanghai and shenzhen, Hong Kong, the United States), across varieties (stocks, funds, bonds, etc.) of data query, information acquisition and interactive services.

bono venture capital 25 million yuan capital and science and technology of mercy

bono venture capital increased to 25 million yuan for mercy technology, owns a 17.86% stake in science and technology of mercy. Mercy technology advocate “mercy” installment business, characterized by electric business platform + part-time platform + credit data, mainly for college students to provide 3 c products and consumer goods generally (clothing) staging business.

IBM acquisition search engine start-up Blekko technology and team

IBM announced that it had bought a search engine start-up Blekko technology, who has joined IBM Watson’s team. Blekko goal is to make the search results show only useful and reliable website, garbage information on the Web search, users can search by slashes and tags filter, control wants to see the site search results.

kingsoft cloud group issue $52.66 million of preferred shares to jinshan software and IDG

kingsoft and IDG, kingsoft cloud group, a number of KSC shareholders and executives who signed an agreement to kingsoft and IDG respectively sell 79873872 shares and 67199728 shares of series B preferred shares, the price of $28.6 million and $24.06 million respectively, a total of $52.66 million. After trading into, kingsoft cloud group by kingsoft and IDG holding 52.29% and 3.98%, respectively.

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