Financing evening news: sweet ha recipes such as financing, ali injection vc JVP

on March 24, hunting cloud network (word/WeiWen)

“+ gourmet recipes tools communities” sweet ha recipe combines A wheel, sweet ha recipe founder Tian Jintao told cloud network exclusive hunting, sweet ha recipes in January of this year, completed A round of funding, financing amount temporarily not disclosed. The financing to the market, focus on marketing and brand promotion. Sweet ha recipes in content, with 300000 high-quality recipes, ingredients, specialty snacks, etc.; Besides eating recipes and sweet ha increased food phase grams, special effects, beauty, such as plate, derivative characteristic content, and other recipe App form differentiation.

mother-to-child O2O platform “stupa” 4 million yuan angel financing, led by the onion fund, venture capital and often. The investment will be mainly used for the products further upgrade of optimization, the second is the perfect team building. The stupa APP is a flagship of children local activity information service application, to recommend and find fun and interesting parent-child activity around.

the door O2O “massage lion” millions of angel investment, angel investors to bay. Money will be mainly used for team building and market expansion, the late start is expected to begin in early May 2015, ningbo, Shanghai, nanjing and other cities. “Massage lion” focus on customer service experience, self-help do massage “haidilao”.

light O2O model of supply chain “fresh for club” angel financing, fresh for clubs to create professional catering enterprises procurement service platform, from the Angle of the in + financial service for merchants and suppliers, financial YaZhang solution via the Internet, and eventually get through agricultural source, solve the problem of the supplier’s stock, reduce link return the interest from the chain restaurants and suppliers.

t-mac and technology for 20 million yuan A wheel gobi vc investment, and today unveiled A family oriented sleep monitoring