Financing evening news: someone whose $1 billion financing, easy quick fix A $12 million round of funding

cloud network hunting on February 28th (word/WeiWen)

short rent website growing company plans to raise $1 billion m

growing company plans to raise $1 billion, is now half finished. An attracting investors in Asia, and some large private equity group, one of which is fidelity. Someone whose previous investors including TPG, t. Rowe Price, Dragoneer, raised Fund, sequoia capital and Russia DST. Reality is currently in 34000 cities in 190 countries around the world to provide services. The company has more than 1 million rental information platform, and has accumulated 30 million room nights bookings. At present, it is working to develop high-end market.

bracelet brand Jawbone or will introduce black rock group $300 million financing

after reports that Google is considering strategic investment Jawbone, there are rumors that Google is going to buy it earlier, but Fortune line said Google’s attitude is not positive. At present, it is said that black rock is preparing to invest $300 million. Jawbone and BlackRock deal details are not confirmed, should be in negotiations. Success and failure means the financing Jawbone last lifeline.

car maintenance O2O easy quick fix won $12 million in A round

easy quick fix, launched in June last year, mainly for the infancy of the private car owners, users can through the online order for the door maintenance, maintenance and repair services, compared with the traditional automobile and 4 s shops, in addition to the door-to-door service, easy quick fix prices more transparent and cheap too. Easy fast repair have been obtained by the speed of light $12 million in A round of venture capital investment, and in addition to will continue to improve and refine existing services, will be 15 offline store was established in Beijing, and business to guangzhou, shenzhen, Shanghai, chengdu and other 10 cities expand.

interactive subsidiary stone stone music and the millions dollars in the first round of financing

stone stone and released, interactive subsidiary has completed the first round of financing, the scale of tens of millions of dollars. Financing will be mainly used in the situation of world war ii 2 promotion issue and operation. Stone music and disclosed at the same time, the situation of world war ii 2 “has entered the stage of private, is expected to Q2 online this year.

Kobalt music agent company won a $60 million investment

help user dealing with Music copyright Music agency Kobalt Music won $60 million from Google Ventures and Michael Dell C round of financing. At this point, Google Ventures received $116 million in total investment, the first two rounds of financing investors including Balderton Capital, MSD Capital, Spark Ventures. Kobalt hope that through their own technology platform to help musicians system dealing with the issue, and ensure that they can unluckily to receive their just reward.

on-demand delivery company Postmates complete C $35 million in financing round

Postmates, the online on-demand in 60 area express service start-up completed a $35 million C round of financing, the investor for B round led Spark Capital. Postmates support users to buy local goods in the shop, after a small Courier charge Postmates you need goods can be delivered to your door. At present, the company valuations in between $1.5 and $200 million.

main 3 d printing custom insoles Sols was $11.1 million in financing

using 3 d printing to print custom insoles Sols won $11.1 million in financing, investment, including investment institutions before raised Fund, Lux Capital, and new Tenaya Capital, Melo7 Tech Partners. Users to download the application, through the mobile phone camera scanning foot, upload pictures. Sols can automatically for data analysis and verification, the foot model is set up for the user, according to the user selected color, print out a pair of corrective insoles, mail to the user. Through Sols print insoles can adjust their shape, help users are more comfortable to walk. At present, Sols company has passed the medical channel sales 3 d insole; Plan recently in the retail channel

startup Skully won $11 million in financing

motorcycle helmet AR – 1 is the first generation product Skully, it can show the camera images, and provide GPS navigation and other functions. At the same time, the helmet with audio, thus convenient for users to drive. Helmet back for a wide Angle camera, help the user to see behind you. The latest financing by Walden Skully Riverwood and Intel capital, a total of $11 million. The Skully study AR – 1 for two years, the design inspiration comes from a car crash accident.

high-end food “gao-le an $50 million for A round of funding”

at the beginning of its establishment gao-le an won A number of investors, millions of dollars of investment in the United States, and from product online so far, two years later, another $50 million for A round of funding. This A round of funding for Asian fund investment of investors, all the money has to account. Gao-le an chairman said, “stand in the consumer’s point of view to consider the needs of users.” Peers, most is give priority to in order to entice customers to buy, and gao-le an by word of mouth publicity, old customers to introduce new users, restore the user’s trust in the gao-le an entirely.

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