Financing evening news: real estate O2O room ah, home financing O2O would wear etc

cloud network hunting on March 17 (word/WeiWen)

docking college students and the local companies to run a part-time angel investment, the current business scope covers suzhou area, plan to expand this year including ten cities such as chengdu, nanjing, changsha. To run a part-time job in B end users to control more strictly, the staff on-site audit, is legally binding and is associated with the signing of the agreement, if there is a problem need to rights, Taipei will help students rights protection, the maximum guarantee the interests of the students from harm.

travel installment service platform “easy installment” angel financing was 5 million yuan, on the installment payment business students, easy installment and P2P finance site through the transfer of creditor’s rights as a way to get money, and then out on loan to university students, a domestic travel points 3-24 period, an average of less than one hundred yuan a month, and students have parents for their ability to repay endorsement, belongs to the high quality customer

property O2O platform “room” to obtain suitable for millions of us dollars angel round, room ah by developers, the field management and information flow through agent management, let the broker and the broker directly through the system guide guest building docking with the developers, realize social sales, lower marketing costs and enhances the working efficiency of the brokerage, reduce the buyers purchase cost.

maternal and infant retail PaaS platform “spelling a single net” won a $10 million financing, spelling a single network mainly to the vast domestic and retailers provide joint procurement services of Angle and retail market, to gradually build for maternal and infant retailers from joint procurement to customer relationship management (CRM), and from the cloud storage to intelligent data analysis of PaaS services comprehensively, trying to adapt to the domestic Internet trend, traditional industry promote the traditional maternal and infant retail Internet.

seed round Altocloud won $3 million, by Delta Partners, Digicel Group and ACT Venture Capital investment. With the aid of this round of funding, Altocloud will continue to improve products, at the same time deepening cooperation and electricity, marketing automation suppliers. Altocloud solution can provide forecast analysis to make a forecast on consumer online real-time behavior and independent judgment to give reasonable Suggestions.

home outfit O2O platform “kindly pack” for $10 m Pre – A round of funding, investors for its two investment institutions, such as capital, the financing products will be used for further research and development and talent recruitment. Wheaton network directly signed master, remove the intermediate links directly to the owner, in order to reduce the transaction costs of users. And provide security for online trading, owner by mobile phone can realize “decorate satisfaction payment again”, at the same time, the owner can through the phone APP site management and can at any time to check the site progress.

interested in photo sharing community Pinterest completed a new round of $367 million in financing, after this round of financing, Pinterest valued at $11 billion. In addition, Pinterest is likely in the next few weeks additional size for $211 million. It is reported, Pinterest have the new investors to join this round of financing, but would not disclose the specific list.

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