Financing evening news: pocket part-time, financing policy network, every day the orchard, etc

on May 25 (word/WeiWen)

egrets age B round, value exceeds 1 billion yuan, the investor is a deep vc and matrix partners etc. Egrets era is a type a platform technology company in the field of it. The egrets have launched including engine, visual editor, accelerator 12 products.

children education application “small with dragon” for tens of millions of yuan B round of investment, investors for good future. 0 to 8 years old children can use the “small with dragon” APP ACTS as the protagonist, and the cartoon characters in the APP “small with dragon” learning, adventure, to complete the task together, enjoy learning and exploring. “Small with dragon” also singing children’s songs, dance, back to the tang dynasty, meet the demand of children all-round growth.

ba shi4 bus transit application for 13.5 million yuan A round of financing, the investor group for the country. Ba shi4 bus around chengdu city bus station navigation, recommended transit way, more than ten thousand bus real-time location query, sign at the bus electronic display, getting on or off the alarm clock to remind and bus news information interaction, tianfu card balance over the query and the surrounding living services, etc.

United States the application of someone to help you walk the dog Wag won $2.5 million in seed funding. Before accepting the dogs for a walk, dog owners can make appointment in advance and walking the dog, to get to know each other. Dog owners can also see a dog in the application of “path”, know where their dog is currently, but also know when his dog in the urine.

pocket part-time for 20 million yuan A round of funding, the investor for guangdong zhongke merchants. Pocket part-time part-time recruitment, focus on the college campus are classified into student client app and the app, launched in January 2015, has been 400000 student users, mainly concentrated in guangzhou pearl river delta region.

American food take-away O2O website Chef ‘d won $5.25 million in financing. Unlike traditional VC financing, Chef ‘d financing from the raise, this will make the Chef’ d on the business model and autonomy more flexibility. Chef ‘d to offer to buy food ingredients. By celebrity chef demonstration, users learn cooking skills, it can enhance the user engagement.

motion sensors France PIQ won $5.5 million in financing, by foxconn collar, Ginko Ventures, Orkos Capital and Swisscom with pitch. Wearable sensors PIQ focus on production design, and cooperate with sports equipment manufacturers to enter the motion sensor. PIQ design of sensor for all user provide the relevant data monitoring and analysis of the movement of data visualization, help users to better understand the sport, improving the quality of movement.

transport policy network $10 million for A round of funding, led by the source capital, angel investors day ze information and, at the same time the company changed its name to “logistics”. Its focus on inter-city freight, by integrating the individual truck, to provide transportation service for manufacturing companies, and responsible for s cargo damage, transportation delay. Commitment truck 2 hours door-to-door pickup, rate below the market rate of 10%.

maintain service “yi bang” obtain one hundred million yuan of the first round of financing. Grace driving focused on O2O auto after market service, provide door subsidy, the car door, the door add, owners can through the APP, WeChat, 400 telephone reservation service, technician can provide the service time and place specified in the owner to come.

Orchard everyday

won $70 million in financing, by jingdong collar, SIG and wenkai capital continue to throw, the money will be used in the infrastructure investment, the national business development as well as the development of the upstream supply chain system. Everyday orchard, dealing with the origin of orchard directly from the origin of replenish onr’s stock, decrease of wholesale and retail, to control quality of fruit and circulation time, reduce the loss of price difference.

food reservation service Munchery won $85 million in financing, and valuation to $300 million. Investors to Menlo Ventures, Sherpa Ventures, etc. Unique Munchery food delivery service: the customer must before eating the food in the microwave heat for a few minutes. Most meals cost $10 – $15.

one hundred million yuan drama Angle used to recapture financing

show Angle used recently released movie company has done C round of financing, the round of investment by the guangdong Austrian flying animation culture co., LTD. With days the wind securities co., LTD., led several other securities fund and the financing amount more than 100 million yuan, the current valuation about the parent company has more than 900 million yuan.

ehi tiger fund and SRS’s $134 million investment in

“ehi car rental company main business is to provide car rental services for individuals and business users. Ehi announced the tiger global fund and SRS joint strategic Partners, to become a shareholder, total amount is $134 million. After completion of the transaction, ctrip and crawford is still the ehi’s two largest shareholders.

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