Financing evening news: movies and performances ticketing service platform lithography era, financing, such as VSCO Cam

hunting cloud network on April 27 (word/yan-mei wu)

psychology network service platform one psychological get millions of dollars to A round of investment, investors for the school. One psychology is through the Internet connection need psychological help, and to provide psychological help, promote the development of the industry, establishing a psychological services online. This round of financing is mainly used for market promotion and broader areas of the layout.

open community cloud Ma Zhi intelligent vehicle driving. 10 million yuan of angel investment, for capital led by cis, rice capital, angel investors TongWei bright, too firebird and etc. Cloud Ma Zhi driving release smart foldable electric vehicles “cloud horse X1”. The vehicle built-in tesla with lithium batteries, the overall weight is only 13.5 kg. After folding, car body can be conveniently pulled away. Body has a plug, three hours can be fully charged. No electricity, in order to avoid driving the car and charging scheme.

car maintenance door O2O platform “bi ma3 wen have Shared” 10 million yuan, the Pre – A round of funding, for zheshang venture investment. Bi ma3 wen have Shared mainly for C end users with regular maintenance, vehicle maintenance, minor repairs and other services. This round of funding will be mainly used in the following three aspects: one is the expansion of business, the second is to build a high standard, transparent, systematic process, and the third is to explore in terms of differentiation, provides the high quality for the owners, high degree of recognition of service experience.

exit free service travel website will play received A round of $20 million. for Shanghai lianchuang investment. Travel will play do is outside the car service, satisfy the little traffic demand is Chinese outbound tourism. Is currently promoting P2P mode of charter, on the platform of chartered for the driver (and guide) are of high quality personal sign, this charter of P2P mode removed many of the intermediate links, can make the price to a minimum.

photo editing tool VSCO Cam $30 million B round, investors including Glynn, Capital Management, Accel Partners and Goldcrest Investments. VSCO community focused on the photographer groups, focus on release of high quality images.

ticketing service platform lithography film and performance times awarded $105 million B round, this round of financing by tencent, wanda, wen ZiHuaXia, LuXin, just Thai culture and cast, the sole financial advisor to follow as the financing. Lithography in the era of main products are based on WeChat wallet and purse QQ “tickets”. WeChat entrance, the user can through QQ entrance, and “tickets” public tickets quickly. Lithography era also launched the show business at the same time, the concert tickets and sports tickets also included WeChat and QQ entrance.

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