Financing evening news: early childhood O2O cherry teacher, such as runoff net for financing

cloud network hunting March 27 (word/WeiWen)

early education O2O cherry teacher angel round, for the origin of capital investment. Cherry teacher appointment through the online platform, 0 to 6 years old children to provide door-to-door nappy curriculum of science. Product core features, there are two: one is personality customization, for different children demand to customize different curriculum content; 2 it is door-to-door service, the company self-built teaching team, avoid the parents and children on the way.

“A video” complete millions of dollars to A round of funding, this round of valuation of tens of millions of dollars, specific amount is not convenient, according to investors is the principal part. In “a”, you can see a group of aesthetes on life is the pursuit of life. Video to the aesthetes readme as the narrator, close-up, with clean background characters, with unbalanced composition, someone has the story has music, draw the outline of the rocks of fashion shoot. High-end positioning, don’t do humorous jokes, don’t do ground of UGC (UGC).

“play piano practice partner” for millions of dollars in A round of funding, investment for sequoia capital. It is an “online piano practice partner” give priority to dozen of tool software, not only provides a rich and vast amounts of electronic song downloads, explain with teaching video at the same time, makes the teaching minimization of cost, to make up for a tutor is not present is not to reassure the defects of traditional education in time.

women laundry O2O “clothes guard” 8 million yuan angel round, the funds raise two times: one is from China university of geosciences in February 2015, Shanghai alumni association seed fund 3 million yuan; 2 it is in March 12th win from xiamen vc angel funds of $5 million. Garment guards focused on solve the problem of woman laundry and many clothes.

runoff network complete B round, led by chinaequity capital, new Oriental group, capital and linear. Runoff network in addition to study abroad to go abroad, now also provide study practice, immigration, and various examination training and interested in learning business, like taobao, users can choose to purchase online and by offline business offers courses.

massage O2O proper living at home (rich overseas Chinese door) won $3 million in angel financing, for HongTai fund investment. The financing is mainly used for team building and market layout. Proper living at home (rich overseas Chinese door) cover project is very extensive, not only the foot bath, massage, also contains more than 20 projects, such as Chinese medicine, the health care.

Memorado won A $3.3 million round of funding, by Creathor Venture and Global raised Capital led, Sunstone Capital and some other angels to vote. The financing will continue to research and development and create a series of used to help users to personalize the brain training games.

fashion kind of social network and found that the platform Roposo $5 million for A round of funding, by tiger global collar, India Quotient, Binny Bansal and etc. Roposo based on personalized recommendation engine to help users find the current fashion sheet is tasted, category includes clothes, shoes, accessories and underwear and tenants of which platform to encourage B at the same time.

on-demand type private jets won $8 million in financing, “Victor” Victor provide private jets, at present a total of 7000 aircraft. Local tyrants travel, you can search in the website or application, online payment, due to the most suitable for their own private plane. Victor membership of the local tyrants in the book a private jet does not need additional fees, and can carry the pet.

Taiwan brands and retailers custom app won $91 and $9 million application developers A round of funding, AppWorks led, CID group, the parent company’s 91 capital investment institutions such as ginseng. This round of financing funds will be used to improve the company acquired local popularity in Taiwan, and will expand staff team, before international expansion.

Magic on-demand service company won a $12 million investment, for sequoia capital investment. Magic is a text-based on-demand delivery service, is one of the YC incubation project. Users only need to send messages to Magic, bring forward any demand, Magic will instant response, give a quotation, if the user can accept, the deal was successful.

WenTai medical for $180 million B round, hong get capital has led, IDG and shot. Orthopaedic spinal joint, trauma, and main points of three major categories, WenTai medical products mainly spine and trauma two areas, joints, and the future development direction.

homework together net $100 million round of funding, D Capital brought by H, temasek, DST and for Capital investment, huaxing Capital financing the sole financial advisor. Is a network of homework together K12 online education platform, one each for students, teachers and parents of users, in order to “homework” as a connection point.

royal house remit to IPO in 2016: suitable for one hundred million yuan investment, LeiJunRen director

after the second round of funding, the royal family hui lei jun, suitable for fund one hundred million yuan investment. More focus, lei jun also accept the invitation become the board of directors of royal family remit the investment in lei jun career, is rare. Royal home hui will strive for the market in 2016, at the same time, more than 2 billion yuan annual sales become mask the first brand in China.

samsung is considering of buy-out AMD

the south Korean electronics giant samsung AMD considering traditional acquisition chip design the manufacturer. According to the financial report to be released in early 2015 AMD, according to the company in the fourth quarter revenue of $1.24 billion, 2014 fell 22%, the loss of $364 million, $2.21 billion debt levels.

the Amazon is interested in buying the luxury fashion electricity Net – A – Porter

the Amazon is interested in buying London fashion luxury electricity Net – A – Porter (hereinafter referred to as “NaP”), the latter valuations probably around $2.2 billion. NaP, the parent of the Swiss Luxury group Richemont, also has been looking to sell the e-commerce sites and its publishing business, focus on jewellery, watches and other “Hard key-2 Luxury”.

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