Financing evening news: driving test group, and help college students part-time classmates for financing

on April 2, hunting cloud network (word/WeiWen)

private custom driving test driver’s license test group was being A round of funding, driving test group founder Xie Yongpeng told cloud network exclusive hunting, driving test group received must level in February 2, 2015. A round of funding. Team is developing rapidly at present, is expected to team size break through 100 at the end of April, 2015, 2015 a month the development goal of 2000 new students.

college students part-time students help for tens of millions of financing platform, is committed to be the most of college students part-time practice platform for students to help the CEO YanHaiFeng told cloud network exclusive hunting, has received two strategic investment of listed companies, the Pre – A round sum up to tens of millions of yuan. Now has covered, nanjing, hangzhou hundred universities accumulative total number 120000, active rate of 60%.

coffee do A round of funding, 3 w jingdong led the east Buddhism tsinghua holdings to vote. After financing capital is mainly used to promote the “ten best city inn” project, the future hope to 3 w, coffee can be expanded to more than 10 major cities to open 100 stores, make public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation twin-engine strategic positioning.

P2P lending net mouth tens of millions of yuan A round of funding, for shenzhen innovation investment group investment. Mouth credit belongs to the mouth to borrow a network service co., LTD., is guaranteed by the operation of the national first mutual borrowing platform. Mouth network CEO Wei Ning said credit into deep venture such specialized investment institutions or help to borrow network become standardized in the future.

stocks with small endowment B2C platform god angel investment five million yuan, investment capital for the element, its group Chen Hong, etc. To transform traditional financial Gao Jun founder, said in the Internet today, with hopes to use the Internet to change the traditional stock information and process, make it more transparent, let users in the hands of money more secure.

open education resources platform Lumen Learning won $2.5 million in Seed funding, by Oregon Angel Fund, a collar, by the Portland Seed Fund, Seattle’s Alliance of Angels to vote, etc. Lumen Learning main idea is to reduce the students’ textbooks. It and many education institutions and educators cooperation development of textbooks, and online homework information, is now and more than 60 institutions of higher education cooperation developed 50 set of course materials.

India travel plans website TripHobo raised $3 million B round, this round of financing by the Mayfield and Kalaari Capital investment. This round of funding will be used to increase r&d investment, and expand the content and the technical platform of the team. At present, the article TripHobo owns more than 70000 users to create schedule and the content of the nearly 400 popular tourist destinations around the world.

health management team Noom $16.15 million B round, InterVest Co Ltd led by South Korea’s Investment fund, LB institutions such as Investment, Hanmi IT with. This round of funding will be used to increase r&d investment in the personalized health training services. It provides two major services, Noom Coach mainly is to help users establish a good exercise habits, weight loss; Noom Health is connected to the users and the Health service provider platform.

gift said complete $30 million B round, gift is dedicated to helping people send out the perfect gift gift electric company, launched in August 2014, valuation breached $200 million now. Gift said vertical is the gift market, cut into the gift after this scene of consumer psychology, eight months accumulated 10 million users, is now a month can sell 50 million gift.

zhongtong express intends to raise $1 billion

zhongtong express delivery plan to raise $1 billion m, the valuation of nearly 50 billion yuan. Now start listing plan, hope in the next two years. In May 2013, sequoia capital in the form of buy old shares to a $30 million stake in zhongtong, the co-operation “buy old stock” in a different way than before, the financing is zhongtong increase endowment spread, in raising funds with capital strength paves the way for the listed at the same time.

Line to restart the IPO

Japan Line has been started to apply to the Tokyo stock exchange listed company procedures, on the market in this year at the earliest. According to the report, priority will be given the Line on the Tokyo stock exchange, but at the same time, it will not rule out on the market in the United States. The value of the Line is considered to be more than 1 trillion yen ($8.4 billion).

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