Financing evening news: comfortable, the deer ding ding, Pogo see performances such as financing

on March 23, hunting cloud network (word/WeiWen)

comfortable massage teacher platform 5 million angel rounds of investment, is currently in contact with A wheel, plans to raise twenty million, revealed by the founder Tan Jun to cloud network exclusive hunting. Comfortable long-term orientation is to establish a platform for the craftsmen, but the future will be in a certain service segment (increase children massage, beauty massage, massage to lose weight, viscera, dysmenorrhea massage).

mother-to-child Internet brand fawn ding-ding millions angel investment and did not disclose the specific amount. The fawn founder liu Yang told hunting cloud network science and technology, the investment will be mainly used for product optimization and team building. The fawn technology positioning is a provides the high quality for the new mother maternal and infant products and services of Internet companies, take the best care for your baby as the mission, let the new mother and baby grow happily together.

China music scene comprehensive service application “Pogo show” strategic investment by modern sky, Pogo supports multiple conditions query local and national music performance happened at any time, can meet the social needs of consumers from the network to the scene of the music. Is the nation’s largest modern sky music festival operations and artist brokerage, cloud network exclusive hunting, it will be produced with the Pogo party music set up joint venture company, to build China’s largest music together live online service platform.

cartoon UGC entertainment community strength play 6.5 million RMB financing, investors for investment in the gobi. It by mobile phone photo, in combination with vigour shells provide cartoon stickers, bubble box, such as production tools, and stories, let users according to their own imagination scene cartoon generation pictures. New versions of the same interest will support the user to establish further relationship, and to provide more interesting interaction based on image creation.

“51 headhunting”

for millions of dollars to A round of funding, the investor is NEA (NEA) and hunting only capital. A new round of funding will be mainly used for the product update research and development, talent recruitment and marketing data mining. 51 headhunters make the system to complete two steps to resume and job evaluation, information digital processing, the candidate resume and jobs, comparing the tag matching model is set up, let primary headhunting finish late interview arrangement and delivery services. So as to achieve operational cost savings, improve efficiency.

rent the apartment platform you’ll see won A round of funding, for suitable for capital investment. You’ll see the same adopt “housing rent after hosting + standardized decoration + service”. You’ll see sign 5 years house trusteeship contract with landlord, standardized decoration (ikea), between and within the contract period according to the multiple leased to the user. For the landlord, you’ll see is a asset managers. For renters, the standardization of provides cost-effective products that rent a house.

cloud platform for collaborative development Coding a $10 m B round, by the speed of light AnZhenLing, IDG capital with shots. Fasteners network is a collaborative development platform for software developers of the clouds, is committed to promoting the cloud software development, products are mainly divided into code hosting, three large project collaboration, research and development tools. This round of funding will be used to further accelerate the cloud development process, and talent recruitment.

live video streaming Meerkat to complete a new round of $12 million in financing, led to Greylock Partners, the valuation of more than $40 million. Meerkat orientation and Twitter account link, when you start a live video on Meerkat, Twitter links will be automatically generated for any user click to participate in the live video. In the process of live, users can real-time speech video, some praise.

focus on artificial intelligence and data analysis of Quid D round of funding for $39 million, Liberty Interactive Corporation led, ARTIS Ventures such as ginseng. This round of funding will be used for product development and marketing, etc. Quid to create intelligent platform to intelligent search data, high quality and high performance algorithm together, is used to output such as market trends analysis results of the visual content of customer requirements.

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