Financing evening news: campus discount V enough financing, car modification zero kilometers, etc

cloud network hunting on March 25 (word/WeiWen)

discount campus social platform V (Vgool) 600000 seed investment, V (Vgool) focus on services for the social consumption, main function is about alumni, merchant discount information and membership card for free. V (Vgool) will be enough in the universities recruitment partners, is responsible for the operation, and recruiting campus ambassador, event planning is responsible for the cooperation with merchants preferential activities.

car modification platform of “zero kilometer” seed investment, focus on zero kilometers, car modification market community element can be incorporated into the product in the O2O platform at the same time increase the light plate in the community, multidirectional connection juyou, modification, modification and accessories business organization. In the layout of development in the future, can filter more industry credibility offline modified shop provides more choices for cyclists.

education O2O search learn treasure grade millions of angel financing, by Jin Feng throws the collar. Course treasure is a boutique search platform of choose and buy, the biggest characteristic is to be more scientific, spell price, preferential brought three big characteristics. Search will learn to treasure the future by aggregating fine course, high quality education institutions do education O2O navigation flow entrance, provide one-stop education services for learners.

laundry O2O “I want to do laundry” angel investment 4 million yuan, have xue savages, MaiTao investors. “I’m going to wash clothes to do laundry industry” “taobao”, the current business only covers Shanghai, after the next round of financing, you would have a laundry business to expand in the country. User number by WeChat public order, the system based on LBS location nearby send single, merchants are door to door delivery or user independently take the clothes to the store.

also thin net 8 million yuan of the pre – A round of investment, Letv wen gen venture investors for Beijing. The Online part, develop the original authorization App, in exclusive new setting-up exercise above, the introduction of Online education mode of public class, make jung “zheng teachers, the App can also be Online booking gym jump hold; Offline part, in addition to investment brand for Zetness fitness club, jung exercise to lose weight will also be authorized to domestic large and small gym, become their official jump hold materials.

children intelligent hardware beauty interaction were awarded a startup being an angel round up investment, investors for the anime and Wu Xiao light. Make the money will be used for the first batch of product research and development and operation. Be focus on the interaction through intelligent hardware and Internet technology to solve user needs in the field of parenting.

Mr Chat multi-million dollar A round of funding, Mr Chat is free home produced platform designed for kindergarten. Mr Chat is composed of mobile phone software and computer management system, can be free send video, images and text, such as information, and to provide for both single-player and multiplayer online chat. Convenient school kindergarten, communication between teachers and parents, more can help kindergarten communicate with the home work.

K12 online platform to learn music multi-million dollar A round of investment, wang gang, zhu XiaoHu investors, capital is mainly used for system maintenance and product technology level. Learn le hope to create an Internet control the ecological system, including education, schools, teachers, students, parents, content providers, third-party partners, such as community service.

installment shopping mall “installment” announced for jingdong group’s strategic investment, both sides will integrate resources, the supply chain, risk control, finance and other aspects in-depth cooperation. Cultivates the young consumer finance market.

Singapore mother-to-child electricity TheAsianparent temasek holdings investment, this financing a total of 4.5 million Singapore dollars ($3.27 million). TheAsianparent will use the money for area expansion of the business, focusing on the many English users, Internet penetration is growing rapidly and maintaining high birth rates of India’s population.

car maintenance O2O platform “91” car 15 million round of funding, angel financing by guosen international, as well as several auto industry veteran cast. At the beginning of 91 vehicles in 2015 published the first maintenance O2O platform “subsidy eldest brother”, the product is only based on micro letter, mobile APP is online.

folk manual food foraging complete $4 million financing, trading platform for morningside capital investment. Funds will be used mainly in product research and development, the private kitchen recruit, private kitchen marketing services, and food safety. Foraging not order of app, but in the application of zongzi, users can be found according to the geographical location, near the city, the national characteristics of food by hand.

third-party transportation logistics service provider stupid bird hai tao to complete A $5 million round of funding, by bertelsmann Asia investment fund (BAI) led, huaxing capital and perilous peak huaxing to vote. Stupid bird hai tao goal is through a series of optimized details, will now further shorten the cycle, an average of 10 days the arrival of the goods at the same time, efforts to reduce loss, error rate of the goods.

photo search providers of cloud services Viscovery won A $5 million round of funding, Viscovery through image recognition, machine learning, and is A huge amounts of data analysis technology for merchants to provide B2B mobile commerce solutions. The future Viscovery will be the role of the open platform, provide the SDK, API, data analysis, such as cloud management platform development tool.

UK housing the raise site Property Partner for $5.2 million in financing, venture led by an index. Property Partner currently offers in London and southeast England Property available for investment. In addition to the monthly rent is divided into, the user may also sell the house at a profit. Is similar to the stock exchange, the Property, which is a secondary market, if the user wants to exit before maturity, can also be their housing stock transfer to the website of other users.

Teabox raised $6 million, this round of financing by JAFCO Asia led, Accel Partners such as ginseng. Teabox delivery for tea lovers in the world to door service, they all tea famous tea directly from India. A new round of funding will be used in the development of key markets, such as the United States, Canada, Australia and Russia, etc.

ai diffuse science and technology for 60 million yuan A round of funding, investors lianchuang rich capital funds and creating potential. Big data services it provides around the film and television, have iFilm iStar and iTV, facing the piece side, investors and marketing company B end products online. C of the end user to let the user oriented consumer entertainment news, also based on the vast amounts of gossip data generation gaming mechanism of the strip material.

logistics shall complete A $10 million round of funding, capital brought by China, IDG capital and investment. Logistics for the logistics industry is the vertical niche small mi, was the first based on LBS + cloud push technology, research and development based on the Chinese road transport business platform for the mobile car.

adult supplies electricity ShangChunShui hall 80 million yuan of series B financing, by broadcasting lianchuang wing information co-win coalition led. This round of funding will be mainly used for the support and the electricity business model upgrade, building of adult products industry first sale mode. And the hall says it will before June this year, published more than 10 sex toys field intelligent hardware product, layout field of virtual reality and depth.

travel day cellular network complete C round of financing, but did not give specific amount. This round of funding by hillhouse capital, Coatue, CoBuilder, participation, qiming, huaxing capital as a financial consultant. Day honeycomb will use the new capital, in order to “free” as a direction for commercial strategic upgrade, with downstream business, such as hotels and local tour and O2O mobile commerce closed loop.

station education won $29 million B round of investment, by GGV capital and for the capital investment. Station in education for students preparing to go overseas study in a foreign language test points and training services, launched the one-to-one points class USES the Internet online teaching mode, has for the toefl and the ielts, etc one-to-one online courses and application documents related services. After financing will cut into the study field.

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