Financing evening news: beautiful home help, medicine to financing, fire science and technology, etc

On June 4,


home that domestic outfit O2O brand help A + round, by tencent in the form of resources + cash in, but did not reveal more details. “Beautiful home help” flagship for flat layer of semifinished product, contains a line advocate material, a line and auxiliary materials, artificial cost as one completely standardized decorate a one-stop service, priced at 777 yuan/㎡.

Massage reservations Urban Massage for financing, by Firestartr collar, the specific amount has not been disclosed, allegedly valuation of nearly $12 million. Urban Massage for consumers to 30 seconds on the day of booking and even the time of the Massage service. The massage service vary, according to the difference of different service types and time pricing.

Singapore robot startup CtrlWorks a s $1.3 million (RMB 5.94 million) angel rounds of financing, the venture capital company Wavemaker Labs led, investors also includes the national research foundation (genus technology incubation program), etc. CtrlWorks is a focus on cloud based robot application startup, especially focus on the independent movement and navigation.

send the door O2O medicines to force for tens of millions of yuan A round of funding, by crossing with vc led, vc and safe and last round investors source vc and the YunXiu capital exclusive financial adviser for this transaction. The user can get online to buy medicine service by mobile phones, and 7 * 24 hours of professional pharmaceutical consulting.

data cloud service providers Plotly $5.5 million for A round of funding, Plotly for Google, NASA and the U.S. air force is A group company data library and data visualization. MHS Capital and Siemens, Venture Capital is A round one of the first investors Rho Ventures, Real Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank follow.

tutor O2O platform “good teacher” won nearly $10 m A round of investment, Mr Hainer Asia vc (SIG) and to vote. “Good teachers”, depending on user location and needs time to complete service matching. In choosing a grade, the course, address and date of first class, platform will be displayed in the teacher to the nearest information, students can according to the situation of teachers’ introduction and evaluation, such as complete matching, and door-to-door counseling.

real-time bus application “bus” $15 million B round, led by the broadband capital, such as alibaba to vote. After completion of this round of financing, “bus” will officially involved in the commuter bus market. Bus by yuan light technology co., LTD., research and development operations.

ZhuoJian technology won the $150 million B round, led by tecent. ZhuoJian divided into public and the medical science and technology development of handheld version. The depth of the first version of the App to access the hospital HIS system, patients can take paper, intelligent mobile phone registered, triage, health education, etc., applicable to the medical staff of the App can let the doctor to check the patient’s medical records and diagnosis records, medical records.

Internet custom clothing company evo tailor $150 million B round, led by jun union capital, IDG, and shots. Evo tailor through open offline experience stores in 30 cities throughout the country, in the domestic implementation C2B + O2O clothing customization mode. User experience whether online or offline, order, all can through independent research and development system of data, realize the personalized customized.

nuts G1 intelligent projection companies fire le technology B 200 million round of financing, the loose grain capital, bole, day, amebic joint investment, the money will be mainly used for product development, brand promotion, personnel, the introduction of module, etc. Fire le technology is a professional development and production of intelligent micro projection products of high-tech enterprises.

softbank to South Korea electricity giant Coupang invested $1 billion

Japan softbank telecom giant group is to the south Korean online retail giant Coupang investment of $1 billion, as part of the group to strengthen developing overseas market plan. Both sides, according to a joint statement Wednesday investment transactions will be completed in July, but still not revealed at the end of the investment transactions after specific control Coupang softbank will how much equity.

ali will invest in the first finance and economics

alibaba to invest billions of yuan Shanghai first finance media co., LTD. Alibaba, insiders said negotiations were underway, tomorrow afternoon will be strategic contract, but the insiders said the specific investment amount is in the air. Prior to this, alibaba group has with Shanghai media group in the field of business and financial data services and financial information to achieve strategic cooperation intention.

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