Financing evening news: application performance management OneAPM financing, tick carpooling, etc

On May 6,


peace financial network do A round of funding, the investors in the investment and zte investment. Peace financial network is established with the core of the Internet financial P2B automobile industry chain financial services platform, on the basis of general business development to the financing of the automobile inventory financing, car rental, car O2O business innovation (electric car dealer + city hall) three big plate business.

apartment housing O2O platform $5 million for A round of funding, midtown by thaihot group subsidiary Shanghai and chongqing investment center. Shenzhen apartment to real estate developers and of new properties property of agent construction of Internet trading platform, promote the sales of new homes. Apartment located in real estate Internet electric business platform operations, is currently in the domestic many large and medium-sized cities fall to the ground.

sell children robot Wonder Workshop $6.9 million for A round of funding. The Dash and Dot with robot, in addition to serving the robot application. Children can I transfer by means of program using visual programming the Dash and Dot moving around the object, the sound, even beating the xylophone.

beauty industry O2O “beautiful” 50 million yuan of the Pre – A financing, the same venture capital fund of mianyang via, rich sea mobile innovation fund and shenzhen new constant lida joint investment of capital. Beautiful and not try to bypass the offline stores and their services, but are intended to help offline stores to speed up the informatization, bring the efficiency of management and service experience of ascension.

baidu medical O2O company “a call doctor” received millions of dollars in financing, “a call the doctor to diagnosis” as the breakthrough point, after the main “after clinical consultation”, this model is mainly for after outpatient and check and was discharged after treatment of two groups based on the mobile end rehabilitation advisory and extension services.

application performance management enterprise OneAPM 165 million yuan C round of financing, capital led to become matrix partners, qiming to vote. OneAPM three aspects mainly provide service for the enterprise: the user the entire application end-to-end performance of this kind of environment, support the user experience management, and performance management of business transactions.

wide-area network startup CloudGenix won $25 million in financing, the purpose is to make the company can have more investment in the sales and product development. CloudGenix to the operation of the data stream is determined based on the application requirements, so as to meet the requirements of customers to the service level agreement. Bandwidth is also one of the factors to consider.

P2P platform “net” treasure “ $40 million B round and investors for the hong photoelectric. The treasure to Internet industry asset securities into a core business, to provide credit to small and medium-sized enterprises and distribution services, product design and online sales of these financial products to the public investors. It only as to provide information and consulting service platform, are involved in trading links, income comes mainly from charge borrowers intermediary service fee.

European beauty industry O2O platform Wahanda $46 million D round, by existing investors Recruit Holdings increase. Wahanda is a provide services to the shop on the web site (beauty) industry is the main platform for the integrated, get profit by extract part of commission.

tick carpooling won $100 million in financing, led by chong DE fund, zhi capital letter, easily Shared, IDG and etc. This round of funding will be used to increase the marketing cost, continue to improve and enhance the user experience, and continue to subsidies drivers and passengers, and thus more quickly and rapidly expand the scale of the user.

cloud communication start-ups Twilio to raise $100 million m, financing, after the completion of its $1.1 billion valuation. Twilio start-up companies are a cloud service provider, it through the fusion of cloud computing, web services, and communications technology to provide a new form of communication services.

Internet love house, house property intermediary D round of funding for $120 million, by GGV, morningside collar, suitable for, such as ficus altissima to vote, the valuation of more than $1 billion. Love house, house advocate hit “commission in half”, go to the store, housing and tourists are relatively independent, the big area set up branch office opened offline stores, rather than the client after submission requirements is one-to-one agent to bring home.

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