Financing evening news: ali, 2.4 billion yuan to buy into the light, the beast cycling for financing, etc

on March 4, hunting cloud network (word/WeiWen)

investment deal:

ali throws the light media will increase shares for 2.4 billion yuan

light media announcement at noon, according to company development bank’s stock price to 24.22 yuan/shares, 99.09 million shares for ali a total of 2.4 billion yuan, accounting for 8.8%, become the second largest shareholder at the light. In the afternoon, the light is opening harden, price is 33.11 yuan.

Uber acquisition map and search startup deCarte

this is Uber company purchase for the first time, it is unclear whether Uber the purchase price. The deal be completed over the weekend, Uber acquisition deCarte are to get the company’s technology and talent. Founded in 1996, deCarte in SAN jose, focus on the position to provide functional software platform, its functions include map, direction of local search and navigation, etc.

Box acquisition Subspace to improve the security of the cloud storage service capacity

Box announced completion of startup Subspace of the acquisition, the whole team will join the Box (7), it is released to the acquisition of specific amount. It provides mobile security service solutions. The cloud storage and mobile office is the trend of enterprise services, acquisition Subspace will strengthen the Box in the cloud storage security service advantages.

domestic financing events:

cycling sports App beast rider xiao-ping xu angel investing millions of dollars. is different from competitors more “intelligent” bicycle vehicle research and development, the founder of li gang think APP and intelligent control is the core of intelligent bicycle, through accessories and software, can make any bicycles are endowed with intelligent functions. The recent will launch the smart control accessories.

couple social App think you get the angel fund investment of millions of yuan. Miss you is a mainly for couples, especially college students under the age of 25 and different works of lovers introduced by a couple of social software. Main interface is a simulation of cartoon sitting room, there are two people’s exclusive image. Almost all the furniture in the sitting room is the function of the necessary lovers, including diaries, maps, weather, anniversaries, maps, photo albums, chat, etc., to meet the demand of communication, communication between couples, records, etc. This way can the information interactive expression of feelings, visualization, more conducive to improve the affection between couples.

flash silver singular completed $20 million B round, investment institutions for SIG. Flash silver is a big data credit evaluation system. Flash silver is committed to data mining analysis and machine learning techniques, which can identify the application submitted by the user information, and connecting with the users’ personal social behavior and huge amounts of Internet information on the Internet, to evaluate it. According to the evaluation results to the user a certain limit.

community O2O service platform home life complete millions of Pre – A round of funding, investors for tiger children’s fund, guanghua hiroto funds. Life on the one hand for property companies provide overall information management solutions; On the other hand, through the mobile Internet means, and provide value-added services to property companies and owners of the community.

glasses O2O hope the guest to complete A round , for qi fu capital investment. Traditional glasses production and processing to the fitting part of complex processes and lead to high price of glasses, looked at the guest’s big data business assay combined systems save complex processes, reshape the supply chain, through the brand straight for final products provide users with a pair of cheap glasses.

foreign financing events:

neighborhood social applications Nextdoor won $110 million in a new round of financing , the valuation of $1.1 billion. The user needs to provide home address prove himself falls within the scope of the community, community news released the community of users can only see. This round of financing of the investor for Redpoint Ventures and Insight Venture Partners. Nextdoor is ready to open to business network, a preliminary attempt to commercialization.

email tracking service ToutApp won $15 million B round of funding. led to Andreessen Horowitz, the original investor Sigma West, the founders of Collective, 500 Startups and the Launch Fund to vote. ToutApp platform is compatible with all mainstream CRM (customer relationship management (CRM) software and email system (Gmail, Outlook), and hopes to become a sales staff all email marketing related business entrance, and integrate all kinds of related products, improve the overall efficiency.

business start-ups Booker won $35 million C round of financing. this round of funding by Medina Capital led, Jump Capital, Signal Peak Ventures two new investors and Bain Capital Ventures such as original investors with investment, large payment terminal provider First Data as a strategic investor also participated in the investment. This round of funding is intended to education, such as pet grooming vertical expansion of the market.

NoRedInk announced completed A round of $6 million in financing , The round by The True Ventures led, The Social + Capital Parnership, kapor Capital and Rethink Education with pitch. NoRedInk is made by a have more than eight years experience in teaching of high school teacher Jeff Scheur founded, based on students interested in pop culture and hot issues, a professor at the syntax, aims to make grammar learning more interesting.

simplify office room service Chewse financing of $1.7 million. Chewse business model is to remove all the red tape of traditional approaches to room service, to provide a “lunch – as – a – service” as a service (lunch) user experience, including booked restaurants, dishes, and the size of the component, and delivery time, etc.

3 d creature Cyfuse. 1.4 billion yen printing company B round VCS. Cyfuse overseas sales will start to Japan 3 d biological printer to be used for research, and accelerate the development of the 3 d tissue engineering technology in the application in the field of regenerative medicine. Cyfuse founded in 2010, is a regenerative medicine start-up companies, mainly to develop its patent technology of 3 d assembly living cells.

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