Feet play comic: everyone can complete cartoon DIY, hopes to become a cartoon version of the “sets”

(article/who 闫森)

vigour to play is a Japanese anime “dragon ball” in the wu is empty forms, learned from the king of the north border, has the air of justice personnel can control. In addition to anime, Shanghai fly box of digital science and technology development of the APP is also called the vigour, it is based on a user pictures, you can add stickers and text editing, to make the photo comic application software. Hundreds of cartoonist to provide numerous subject their cartoon stickers, hope that everybody can do comics, using a mobile phone to realize cartoon DIY, become a cartoon version of the “sets”

about pictures of DIY classes, domestic products mainly include: me, soap, embryonic Mark, etc. DIY area is extending from spell to spell as face of role playing funny than, from extending to the vigour of the contextualized expression. Even, there are.

vigour play belongs to fight scene cartoon DIY expression products. User through pictures, plus sticker, and without borders version of the text through images “cartoon stickers” forms of expression to show the user want to express meaning.

popular theme of vigour to play at the same time the user provides a steady stream of primers, rich imagination and vigour to play not position himself as a tool, in hunting cloud network point of view, from playing community attribute of the strong one of the biggest differences is that they are different from other products.

as a whole, strength to play three big main functions, one is the mobile phone photo galleries DIY cartoon stickers. The user to select photos with cartoon stickers and dialogue, let photos can image to express stories. The second theme activities, can be regarded as the theme of the nature of the half proposition creative activities. In image at the same time social, feet play had a comic single channel, they have more than 200 cartoonists in its platform, all kinds of original micro cartoon shows up. In hunting cloud network point of view, the micro market direct competitors of the plates have a quick read comic cartoons, etc. Don’t read comic is more fast for serial, the vitality of cartoons more stories into a single single channel, belongs to the lighter micro cartoon experience.

team, fly box of science and technology at the core of the members are from domestic line Internet company, tencent, konami the United States, such as concept art house. Have a big company team management experience, and at the same time retain startup characteristic of “small but beautiful”. From CEO wang deep, has ten years of experience in animation game industry, because of love so devoted to entrepreneurship, hope from play to make a comic entertainment APP handheld community for anime fans. The company won the gobi seed angel investing hundreds of millions of RMB.

team after painting has also launched a new online learning platform MINA MINA (now called fly box art), users can literally drawing, online gallery to share and exchange, to buy online courses, etc. After it is done offline education, that has brought the “course” products.