Famous quick answer: wrong will compensate, 59 seconds after the teacher answer online

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learning treasure, students with excellent performance, small apes question bank is based on image search technique of real-time problem solving products, can identify words, formula of the mixed information such as the graphic symbol, behind is OCR technology use. Traditional education dashan group learning tools products famous fast answer is the opposite approach. Topic people are still students, but the answer people behind is not big data cloud analysis of OCR technology, but the hundreds of excellent teachers.

detailed, teacher’s answer to the students is a fast mobile application problems to provide the correct answer. Teacher quick answer by hundreds of the famous teacher, online help students to solve problems in real time. Students have questions, there will be a professional teacher give the right answer in the fastest time and the problem solving process, at the same time can explain, with voice and the correct answer, and the problem solving steps, and a famous speech, ask students to quickly understand and master ideas and methods to solve problems.

there are two points worth out:

students to ask questions, the teacher online vies to answer first. To solve those problems?

answer this problem need to say the photo identification answer them tools products, most of the questions to the end, also with their thinking. But in the problem solving steps and phonetic explanation must want to have a teacher to teach students that don’t say photo identification answers right problem here, the real answer is like the students to have hundreds of tutor in the rear.

masters of time and work efficiency problems?

masters quick answer has two kinds of teacher and student, the teacher education certification is through mountains and has a line of teaching experience. In the case of users increase, the teacher can deal with online is stressed. Hunting cloud network understanding, at present the teacher quickly a team are also recruiting data capture and data analysis, senior engineer, the future is the teacher the answer to solve the pressure. Small part of the students can be to take pictures for the answer to solve the problem. Part of the problem can let the teacher to give online solutions. Such small problems in technical processing, the teacher in the back-end processing problem. Technology and artificial tie-in bring out the best in each other. It is more human and at the same time to ensure the accuracy and problem solving thinking understandable K12 online education tools.

team in terms of both the former big brand director, principal education institutions. Have engaged in the Internet more than six years, successive several large-scale enterprise network operations director, also has the technology to develop more than six years, successive programmers, architects, development managers, also has served in the domestic first-class IT enterprise, with strong technical strength and development experience of the technical director.

the teacher fast a commitment, the answer wrong one, pay 10 yuan. For K12 education interested can try.

PS: hunting experience after the individual feels: cloud network king idea is very good, but the products haven’t completely belongs to launch phase, plate experience is not very smooth, defective.

products: famous fast answer
Company: dashan education group

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