[failure] how do we beat drops – a deceased software by reflection

cloud network hunting note: for entrepreneurs, see more successes tend to not be good, should look at the case of failure. A man who succeeds the successful experience of about the same, the failure of the case is different. Hundred meter taxi from market to eventually shut down less than two years, as for why hundreds of meters will fail, as the meter taxi original brand director sun zhigang wrote this article, in the beginning it to organize your thoughts, to avoid a repeat detours in the past, and hope to provide a little reference to other start-ups.

article | sun zhigang from, founder of the red envelope is easy: I black

startup priorities

from the first hundred meters taxi dedicated tablets. In mid – 2012 before project launch company has done a detailed market research, one of the research conclusion is: more than 90% of the taxi driver have no smart phone! It is based on the investigation data, the meter taxi drivers have their own custom equipment.
Later, we all know what happened, the taxi driver has become one of the intelligent equipment of the highest penetration group, it gave me the lesson is don’t believe in market research, because any market research data is based on the past, but your product is for the future of the user.

it is for reference to the market research conclusion, hundreds of meters a taxi from the start, the unique hardware + software pattern: the driver to use 7 inch tablet, in addition to carrying a taxi on this terminal function, also carrying the application market, video ads, games, and the taxi company management module, almost all the media at the time when questioned the profit pattern of a taxi software, the profit pattern of hundred meter taxi is the most clear.

at the beginning of the hundred meter taxi online, “soft and hard” do has played a positive role model, the driver only need to pay 300 yuan deposit, can get 1288 yuan worth of free tablet computers, and can return at any time. Such incentives, to the temptation of taxi drivers is very strong, plus company strong push my ability, in the second half of 2012 to early 2012 in that period, the meter taxi market in Beijing walk in front of the software by car.

hundred meters are complete with yu Yang first, new moon, such as gold and silver to build corporate level of cooperation, is also the first car with 960103 telephone call a taxi software platform to achieve cooperation. But with the progress of the business, the disadvantages of this mode gradually emerge, complex system makes the whole technical development strength is extremely scattered, in the face of changing market response speed is very slow.

memory company cooperating with 96103 were coming in the middle of January 2013, but with the other side of the phone call car data access to hundreds of meters on the terminal of didn’t finish until the end of April, and until the lockout, hundred meter taxi orders haven’t been able to access to the other side of the platform. To know the 96103 platform of thousands of orders every day and tens of thousands of taxi can solve the problems of the chicken and egg, at the same time for the early O2O project how precious it is.

which is almost the same period, drops reached a cooperation with baidu maps, imported from the baidu map client call orders, help solve the drops orders less urgency, through the start of the most difficult period.

a startup company resources is inherently limited, should put more resources on the core business of the main process, a part of problem will increase exponentially.

rogue drops

a taxi in software infancy, groping in everyone. But in this process, the drops of more aggressive. Many colleagues in evaluating competitor drops, are used to “rogue” two words.

at the beginning of the promotion, drops adopted many unconventional means. Driver not smart devices, drops to push will help the driver flash, drops in on special equipment installed in a taxi; And installed at the same time drops and shake (the first domestic software) by mobile phone, will pop up tips, guide users to uninstall shake; For a long time, drops will end push off the order to the driver, the driver while not rob, but will feel that is both myself. Many colleagues of drops of disdain, but these are really effective way.

to rival, drops is rascal, in the eyes of a department in charge of drops is the most not obedient, but hundreds of meters a taxi is the most obedient.

a taxi to stop the “black car with the help of software into the taxi, a taxi committee requires software seriously driver to verify identity, hundred meter taxi to carry out earnestly, the driver must hold id card, original service JianDuKa to deal with business. And drabs only need a driver input real name, a taxi company, service supervision and card number and license plate number, it can be verified. To experience the drops of the process, hundreds of meters of many colleagues are installed on the device driver software, from time to time in the office of deep drops in the order.

committee had time to take a taxi package price function will not be used, hundreds of meters is bidding, price function also has not been listed in the schedules, but use premium function drops, greatly improve the success rate of passenger taxi driver is thus gained. On the introduction of hundreds of meters taxi market software application in clear even wrote: cooperate with large rental companies, eliminate black car, premium, regular and reliable.

products meet uncertain policy or other risks, startup companies really don’t need to consider too many risk factors, it may make you lose the opportunity to lead. Not sure uncertain market and policy environment often breeds greater market opportunities, and once the situation is clear, in the sunshine avenue is full of all kinds of competitors.

financing: no lack of money when the better financing

a taxi market pattern of software from nuance and fast subsidies gradually settled after the war began. But the first began to subsidize hundred meter taxi.

at first is subsidies driver, taxi drivers to recommend a passenger hundred meter taxi App reward driver installation 10 yuan, recommend a driver reward 20 yuan, this approach does work, the driver’s enthusiasm is very high. Late start trying to subsidies passengers, taxi passengers using hundred meter taxi success, will be words fee subsidy.

at the time of the taxi company and the driver’s eyes, is “deep pockets” hundred meter taxi. Hundreds of meters of the main business is doing real estate investors, hundred meter taxi injected tens of millions of funds in infancy, and drops said only 800000 start-up capital.

a taxi in software gradually hot, various financing in succession, there are many investment institutions find hundreds of meters, but was not sent money hundred meters no attention to financing. In details and quickly began to burn war is catch up with the real estate downturn, hundreds of meters of capital chain problems.

don’t lack of money when also want to find a way to financing, don’t need more inputs such as short, besides money, of course, the resources behind the money or more startups.

when you don’t lack of money is often the easiest way to raise money.

note: chastened

with the lesson in hundred meter taxi, at the start of a new red envelope easy project, I consider is to use the simplest way to verify the business model.

after take out the needs of the business, products and research and development are the development time of need for three months, we cut off non-core functions, together with assisted to complete the first part function, finally took more than two weeks time to finish the first version. This version to the market after the test, the effect is not desired. We start from the demand